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Friday, 16 September 2011

All that we have and all that we are

When is the search for justice worth the trauma of reliving a nightmare?  To some it might be a simple answer of “always”.  To others the thought of dragging out a nasty scenario just seems like a waste of time.  To those people, they know that somewhere along the line karma is going to do the job for them.  Time is an entity continually moving and changing.  Regardless of the fact we have the same (apparent) 24 hours in every day and we have a number of days per week etc... time is something that moves whether we are aware or not.  I would be very sad to think that I woke up one day and that time had slipped away so quickly whilst I was still hell bent on revenge over a perceived wrongdoing.    Our perception will dictate how we see something and our conditioning will tell us how to react.  Some people will simply take it on the chin and move on to bigger and better situations and opportunities whilst others will languish in court cases and fighting over something which might have been avoided if they hadn’t been so unaware in the first place.  Mistakes, as I wrote the other day, are an important part of our lives and they are made more powerful by how we learn from them.  Could it not be that we would be better off learning from the mistake of misjudging someone or a situation?  Perhaps if we did that we would then recognise when the next shyster came our way, instead of falling once again because we are still buried in the past. 
The old “be careful what you wish for” phrase rings rather loudly on this issue.  The next time someone does you wrong, take a breather and a step back.  Then when you are ready, take a look at what it really is. Think of ways to deal better with  that situation if it ever arises again.  Sometimes when we do that, the problems and hurt become insignificant to all that we have and all that we are.

Thursday, 15 September 2011


Depending who you talk to a mistake can either be a part of learning or something devastating.  The self help gurus tell us the former; the rest of the world seems to prefer the latter.  Why is it we are judged so harshly by the mistakes we make?  How come there is no room built into business for instance where a mistake can be made and then fixed?  Why is it more of an issue when a person makes a mistake than when they have done the right thing?
When you compliment someone for doing their job and doing it properly most people react with surprise.  Some don’t take it too well and feel that once a compliment has been given that the only way for them is down.  They feel that nothing else they do will take them higher and that everyone will expect that they perform that way forever.  There are those who understand that a compliment is for what they have just done and nothing to do with the future.  Or is it?  A compliment taken in the way it was sent can actually take a person higher in emotions, health and thus work performance.  Who wouldn’t want a workforce that felt wanted appreciated and noticed?
The best part of a mistake is the personal growth you get out of it when you learn from it.  The worst part is being to afraid to do ANYTHING that might cause a mistake.  Those who wish to suppress us will not tell us the former.  They would rather keep us in the dark and walking on eggshells forever whilst they swan off to their next social “do”.
So go forth and take a chance.  You never know, it might be the turning point to a better life.