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Thursday, 21 March 2013

One Fine Day

 Songwriting is like any art and sometimes there are gap times where life is too busy or full to slow down enough to listen to the songs that are coming in.  Below are some new lyrics that came to me this moring when I was walking down the street contemplating the moment.  I hope to bring you a demo of the song once I finish the arrangement.  It's more "poetry to music work in progress" at the moment.


S xx

One Fine Day

©Susan Lily 21.03.2013

One fine day, you’ll awaken from your past
It will fade away,
And you’ll realise there is a, brand new way
You’re not the person you were yesterday

One fine day, there will be more smiling
With, no regrets
Everything that’s happened will just fade away
In the dawn you’ll chase away the grey

One fine day, all that it is desired
Is a dream come true
Turn around it’s waiting there, just for you
It’s warm inside and genuine and true

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Employment and Identity

I’ve been without a job now for 8 weeks and it’s the longest I’ve ever not held a job of some description.  It’s an interesting time for me even though I’m in a new city and it’s all very exciting.  I’m feeling somewhat “lost” and my identity as a working professional has taken a left turn somewhere when I took a right.  I can totally understand people who are long-term unemployed and frustrated beyond belief.  All most people want is gainful employment: a chance to shine and to feel like we are adding value to where we are working.  

It used to be a male dominated realm, “work pride”.  With the changes in society women like me have spent the decades post-education doing the same thing as men: going to work.  To feel a sense of pride and achievement is reachable now by both genders.  To suffer an identity crisis because you don’t have a job to go to is just as devastating to a woman as it is to a man.  So many women have grown up financially independent and to find you are unable to care for yourself financially is not something that sits easily.

Like any experience it’s one to embrace and move on from.  I will, in time, find work.  I am happy to take on any job that will have me and give me the finances to get back on my feet.  I am also very fortunate to have an understanding partner whose generosity is real and genuine.  That’s been one of the more pleasant side effects of these last few months.

So when an unemployed female friend tells you they feel lost and like their identity has been stolen believe them and be the friend you would be to your mates.  You’ll score more brownie points than you will ever use.