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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Perception and Uniqueness

Perception is so very unique, much like ourselves. We take pride in being unique and hope our view on things is at least understood if not praised. When opinion is derided or dismissed it can bruise an otherwise happy and healthy ego. If it occurs often enough with little recovery time our mind and ego may begin to feel as though we are wrong about all things in our life and that our opinion is useless or wrong. Take heart, dear gang. We all have our own opinions and all of them are valid and real to those who express them. It’s hard sometimes to hold onto the good feelings about ourselves and yet achievable. If you have to, write them down, stick them on your fridge so you can see the good in you every day. We all achieve great things every day. Sometimes we simply need to look a little closer at ourselves so we can rejoice in our uniqueness.

Monday, 17 February 2014

The Art of Service - Part Two

If you've read my last post you will realise it's a bit of a rant.  I'd like to redress that by also mentioning a person and place where I've had great service.

The first honourable mention goes to the lovely lady called Wendy who looks after the self-serve points in Woolies. I was a total failure when I began using the system and with her subtle and gentle guidance I've become a super-user.  Not only that, I see her every-so-often and she remembers me.  I reckon she remembers everyone.  I have often wandered past to see her giving the same gentle assistance to another befudlled customer.  Wendy treats everyone with dignity and respect and you can't help but want to hug her for all that she is and does.

This lady understands what service is about and actually enjoys helping people.  Wendy is the epitome of good service.  I often tell her how happy I am to come to a shop where I get a smile and great service.  She returns that with all the humility a genuinely good person does, with a hint of blush every now and again.

I like going to the supermarket now, and it's down to Wendy's care and great service that I do.  I hope one day that others will take notice and emulate her.  Until then I will enjoy dropping in to "pick up a few things for dinner".

The Art of Service

When you work in the service industry the first and foremost thought that ought to be in your mind is to "serve".  Not stand there chatting with people you know, whilst customers you don't have their food or pot of tea slapped down on the table in front of them. Not so much as a "there you are" or "here's your tea" as you rushed off to greet someone you obviously are on hugging terms with.

I realise the young are sometimes forgetful and that their older supervisors fail to lead them to the right path but bad service is simply that: bad.

So, here's some advice from one who's worked in a service industry for decades.  When you work in a service industry treat everyone as though they were the most important person in your life.  When you do that everyone is happy.