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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Thank You Community Radio - Australia and the world!

This is turning out to be my best birthday EVER!

Firstly, our song FLY IN FLY OUT is sitting at #29 on The Iceman's top 40 as of Monday 17th November.

It's also reached #7 on the TYGA FM top 20

On TOP of THAT we've made our debut at #17 in

Thank you to Australian and International community radio!
Without your assistance and support we would not be in the position we are in now!

Many thanks

Fly in Fly Out is available on iTunes

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Thank You Iceman!

I've been in the music industry for nigh on ten years now; working at two jobs to make money to record and generally having a fun time on stage and off.  I'm from a very small country town in outback Australia and sometimes I have to pinch myself to realise that some of the wonderful things that have occurred are real.  Take the latest great thing happening in my life: inclusion in The Iceman's top 40!

There are around 500 new artists listed on the same page where Darren Scott are listed at NUMBER 33, YES that's right... NUMBER 33 on the Iceman's top 40 chart.  That means we are in the top 40 of around 500 new songs currently in circulation in the US and globally.

Last week we were at position #35

this week we are up two spots to Number 33!

To say that I am grateful is an understatement.  Mr Golomboski, I am over the moon and so very fortunate to have the support of you and your wonderful team.
I'm so looking forward to our futures and I'm basking in the gift of our present.
Who knows where our song will be in coming weeks but I know this: just to be in this chart for even a little while is a joy.
Thank you so much for all you do for new artists!

Cheers Susan Lily and Darren Scott

Fly In, Fly Out can be downloaded from iTunes :)

Thursday, 22 October 2015

The Excitement of Releasing New Music

How brilliant is it when a single that you've recorded and released gets such great response in its first fortnight of release both domestically and internationally.  

It all began with a phone call to the writer, Darren Scott, about an idea for a Tamworth CMF show in 2016.  The conversation very quickly turned to recording and suddenly I was excited about the prospect of being part of a duo for an original song.  I gleefully accepted and then waited for the demo file to come through.
I've never sung to anyone else's song before so I was excited and, as I'd begun trying to say "yes" to most things I didn't even stop to think about the potential of me not liking the song.

I was right on all fronts as I sat and listened to Darren falsetto to my parts in the song, along with his.  From the opening bars of the song I was hooked and rang him straight away to organise how we were going to proceed.  As it turned out the easiest way was to combine this song with a trip to Southern Queensland where I could record it with Darren. 

Keeping it a secret was very hard and I must confess I told three of my closest peeps about it.  Not about the song but that I'd worked on a project with a mate.  

So we booked  spot  with CRS Publicity and then worked to get a video done and the song finalised and sent to Stephen Brady.

Now we proudly await news from it's release here in Australia on CRS vol 185, track 17.  The digital format was released on Monday 19th October and the CD's are all currently on their way around the country to the beautiful community stations who support us all so much.

Fly In, Fly Out is on itunes

and so far some of our dear friends have told us they've gone ahead and purchased it.   

The EXCITEMENT doesn't end there!!!  One of the overseas recipients, the wonderful Iceman and his online station Best Country Radio added it to the list of new music for top 40 consideration and this week we made our debut at the number 40 spot!!!!!  

I awoke on tuesday morning to the news and have been like a hovercraft as I walk around the place.  

What the future holds we don't know yet.  If the excitement around the joint is any indication both Darren and I are in for quite a ride.
That's the beauty of releasing your own material/new material.  You never know how it's going to be received; and that's some of the most exciting time of our lives.

lots of love

Susan "happy dance" Lily 

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

"Harry" Our Feathered Friend

When I was a little girl, living in an outback country town, I loved the sounds and the colour of the peacocks and peahens that lived in the park and roamed around town.  Sadly, there are few peacocks, if any around my home town anymore.  So you can imagine my surprise and delight to find there is a resident peacock where I'm staying in Alice Springs, NT.

It's my first visit up here and it's delightful to have more wildlife around.

"Harry" is vivacious and loves all the attention he gets and also lets us know that he's "the man" around the place.

Here is my most recent visit with "Harry" this afternoon...

 This is how I found "Harry" this afternoon. He was lurking just outside the hotel door near the bar... 

He was chilling with his feathers down.... but then..... with all the attention he suddenly started showing off to us all and posing for photos

Talk about work it baby!

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Semaphore Songs Project - Semaphore Music Festival 2015

My involvement in the Semaphore Songs Project for 2015 began with a minor degree of disaster and ended with one the most beautiful afternoons with family and friends at the RSL in Semaphore rd.  I'd decided to compose something about Port Adelaide; partly because the place resonated with me greatly.  With very little pre-conception of the place I found a beauty and a link between the heritage area and the humble geranium I saw growing cheerfully in various streets.  To me it felt like there was a resilience, tenacity, endurance and toughness shared by both parties.  It became very obvious to me, after losing all my recordings by accident, that these two were very much more entwined that just geographically.

I also chose a waltz rhythm for the song, so as to bring a little history in as well.  With John Baker's guidance (mentor) I was able to weave a little of my own life into the song as well.  Out home where I was born often the only plant that grew in the harsh conditions was the humble geranium.  It seems to revel in hardship and withstands a great deal from the extremes of nature.

Can you see how much Port Adelaide and the geraniums here want you to come visit?

So, here are the lyrics to the song:

Tough As Geranium

See the colourful geranium
living there on the street
humble, in its earthiness
like a sailor song, so sweet

On the streets of Port Adelaide
Where once lived a bustling trade
Though it's gone, I feel it around me
History, it surrounds me
And I hear

Where are you going?
Hey don't walk on by
Did somebody tell you
That I have died
Just like the geranium, I will survive
I'm tough as geranium

There's five lovely petals, on each little flower
That remind me of times, with my grandmother
On the rough dusty plains, in outback Australia
In hardship and drought, we all stuck together

Just like the flower, it's vibrant to see
The buildings stand tall, with dignity
I just wish that old reputation could be
Banished forever, tipped over the quay.
so we ask

Where are you going?
Hey don't walk on by
Did somebody tell you
That I have died
Just like the geranium, I will survive
I'm tough as geranium

Where are you going?
Hey don't walk on by
Did somebody tell you
That I have died
Just like the geranium, I will survive
I'm tough as geranium

Tough as geranium
I will survive, cos I'm tough as geranium


Today Is Not Yesterday - Susan Lily Fiction

It's the waiting than can eat you inside to out, she thought  The time you have to spend in between sending a CV and then waiting to hear if your referees have been contacted and what, if anything, is going to stop you this time from getting a job.  All you wanted was a bit here and there; you weren't greedy.  You didn't hope to take a job from a young person starting out.  You just wanted to make sure you could afford the basics, like food and shelter.

As crippling a pain as bereavement, she'd been told this can be.  The urge to grieve is just moments away: she'd been here before and it ended up not working out.  "What makes you think that something different will happen today?" she cried.  "today is not yesterday" she heard.  "Who said that?" as she looked around and realised she was the only person in the room.  "Hello?  Is anyone there?  What do you mean by 'today is not yesterday'?  Well??? Speak up!!  I need to know!!"

She turned back to the mirror she'd been facing moments before.  The voice appeared again "Today is not yesterday.  It means that maybe, just maybe what you dread is not going to happen today.  Perhaps today will bring new joy: joy you've not known for some time.  Security for just a few months longer: a rainbow on the storm that you've been going through for too long."

She smiled, albeit a little sheepishly at her reflection and finished brushing her hair.  It was a glorious day and yes, today was going to be different to yesterday.  Today she had hope.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Port Adelaide Series - Part 2 - Jackalope Art Studios

One of the other spots I'd found on  my last visit were some very unique plantholders hanging around the Port back streets.  After chatting the the lovely lady in Sea Witches I discovered the artists who had made these lovely creations had studio nearby.... the plants are Agapanthus by the way..... so beware :)

Hidden in Calton Street, Port Adelaide you will find Jackalope Art Studio Gallery
Run by two vivacious ladies from the USA, they have saved a run down stable and have turned it into a premiere meeting place, complete with serene city garden out the back.

The Jackalope is a mythical North American animal.  It is said to be a jackrabbit with antelope horns as seen here with a youngin

I didn't seen any actual Jackalopes when I visited  this gorgeous studio, but I did enjoy the banter I had with the ladies inside

Of course, I headed straight to the back garden area to sup in the delights I could see through the back door and window.  It is a veritable delight to find serenity so close to the city and the ocean and surrounded by brickwork.  I was hoping I'd actually see a Jackalope, or maybe even a pixie.however what I did find was just as pretty and enjoyable


I don't know how many of you know about my love for all things Geranium/Pellargonium.  I used to love growing it in my hometwon in outback Australia because of it's durability and tenacity.  It doesn't need much water and is perfect for the harsh drought conditions I grew up in.
I naturally look for and fall in love each time I come across said plant variety.  

You may notice the number on the wall here.... it became part of the SALA exhibition recently.  Ask the ladies to tell you the story. I don't wish to spoil it by saying on here.

Interspersed amongst the succulents you will find these gems of art.  Masses of beads set in a long stem of pipe 

As you walk around this back yard more things become apparent.  The old wooden bench seat near one wall gives an olde world feeling to the space

The back left corner of the garden hosts a number of delightful pieses.  What catches the eyes are the brightly painted metal chairs 

If you stick around long enough you will also note there is a little house as a backdrop to these chairs

A cute little cubby house in the back yard....only I don't think it's for the little kids, more the grown up ones

as you can see from the window dressing

A most unusual window treatment and one you may miss if you don't come right up close

On the very back wall is a beautiful water feature... and feature it is!  I love the bright blue background.  It contrasts so fabulously with the flora growing around and beside it.
The sound of the moving water is blissful and I took my time photographing and simply enjoying it's calming vibrations.

Once again I find geraniums and I feel at home again

I've been told you can sit at these lovely tables and enjoy a cool drink or a coffee.  Eclectic and something I can see myself sitting at I am looking forward to returning so I can enjoy a refreshment with friends or even a celebration of some sort.  There's so much to offer at Jackalope

Of course, there is real evidence found of the creative "genes" that are hanging around the Port.  If you turn left as you walk out to the garden you will find these masterpieces on a "work bench" awaiting a new home as the agapanthus take hold in theirs

So far I've only shown you the back.  How rude of me!!!  Come on, join me on a walk around inside!

Inside the gallery are an array of art works that will soon be replaced with more and different as time goes on.  No art gallery remains static for long.

The Front door is split like the stable doors of old.  I didn't stay long enough to see if it was an original door but I feel it would be a part of the renovations.

If you find yourself free on a Thursday, Friday or weekend then head on over to Port Adelaide and pop in to see the gals at 
19 Calton street,
Port Adelaide  SA  5015

Opening hours
11 - 5 thursday thru Saturday
10 - 5 Sunday
otherwise by appt