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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Cinematic Cacophony Unites Community

Sometimes it doesn't feel like we are much of a community and then you experience something like tonight.  All bundled together in a cinema to watch a movie we'd won a double pass to (because we were quick enough to respond to a Dymocks Booklover email) it became very apparent that most were concerned that little talking was to be heard during the screening of "Testament Of Youth".  So it came to pass that the chattering tones of a Nokia mobile ringtone would unit us in a way we'd never imagined.  It began its interruption during a rather poignant part of the story too. How ironic!

As the owner fumbled in the dark for said mobile the ringtone became louder.  At one point I began to imagine either a handbag filled to the brim with objects or a trouser pocket that was not going to give up the musical object within.  Whispering sniggers began to emanate around the theatre. These were only silenced by the sudden 4 sharp/quick, 3 long, and 2 sharp/quick tones that indicated the call had gone through to the keeper.  Guffaws of laughter burst out around the room.....we were all comrades in the war against phones in cinemas and it suddenly felt absurdly funny.  

I love people.  So many are more comedic than they ever dreamed. I shed a tear of laughter and got to be involved community spirit tonight.  Thanks to a winning email and a free movie pass offer.

Oh, and the movie is heartfelt and so worth seeing.  We are truly lucky to not be going through what our families and friends did during WWI.  Perhaps what happened tonight was the movie's way of making us aware of just how fortunate we are.