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Thursday, 23 November 2017

Vale Wally Sparrow - Radio Presenter from Radio Adelaide

Photo courtesy of Ian Fisk Photography

On Monday, whilst I was quietly celebrating my birthday, in another place a man passed away.  This man, one of many talents, was Wally Sparrow whom I had known from Radio Adelaide.  As a presenter of country music for many years, Wally's name was known across the country as an important link in the chain.  I'd wanted to meet him for years and finally got the chance when he invited me for an interview a couple of years ago.

His passion and dedication to the genre of country music was always high and he was a straight shooter who always said what he thought.  One day recently I opened up my email to find a quote from him, sent to me on another site.

The quote reads:

"Susan is a great singer, songwriter and certainly works hard to achieve her goals"

To be honest I was a little bit surprised that he'd taken the time to write it and then post it. I wasn't sure if he would have remembered me at all.  There is his gift:  he remembered everyone, and through that we will always remember him.

Thanks for your time and your support old mate.  

RIP Wally Sparrow

love and appreciation,

Susan xx

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

When is a "help desk" helpful?

The more time goes on the more businesses that are only online.  This means that we all have to learn countless applications/programmes just so we can navigate our way around.  

There also seems to be a degree of "assumed knowledge" that is a large part of all this.  Is it because the software designer believes that everyone has the same knowledge as they do?  Yes, I know that there are manuals, but often they are hard to find and filled to the brim with enough jargon to drown in.

What I really wish for christmas, is that businesses online would understand that not all end users, ie people like me, are instantly savvy when it comes to the nuances of the application or the process.  Most of us do not have the time nor the urge to spend hours watching youtube clips or trying to find a term in a glossary so we can understand what the instruction means.

It would be great if the people they employed to be the phone support or online support actually understood how to explain things in plain terms.  One of my great frustrations is, after waiting for many minutes on the phone, that the person on the other end assumes that I know as much as they do about the application I'm having trouble with.  The ONLY reason I'm calling is that I have a problem or don't understand something and I need some HELP.  Isn't that why it's called a "Help desk"??? Or is that a fancy IT term for "we think you're stupid, why are you wasting our time when you should have gone to university and studied IT like we did".

Am I alone with this dilemma?  In some ways I hope not and in others maybe I'm just "special".  Let me know what you think or share an experience. Maybe we can help each other feel better about our online woes.

cheers and love

Sooz! xx

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

There Are Good Men Too

Dear Lovely Ones,

It’s many thanks to a lovely lady by the name of Melissa Hocking that I find myself creating this piece. It’s not easy, sometimes, being female in this big world of ours. Recent events have had a global impact probably more so with the social media platforms we have now. What’s apparent, and this is thanks to Melissa, is that most of this has been focused on the sadder element of human relations. It’s a pretty bad situation to be sexually harassed and I don’t believe there is one woman on the planet who hasn’t been subjected to it: some on a regular basis. Equally there must be many genuine men out there who are having a bad time at the moment as they might feel like the world’s female population hates them for simply being male.

Anyway, I’d like to take a moment to focus publicly on some of the men in my life who have been a positive and uplifting influence on me rather than the countless who haven’t. I’d rather do that than remember all the bad times. So here we go:

Firstly, there is my dad, who was encouraging to all of us regardless of our gender. His idea was that we could all grow up and be independent and happy adults. No matter what course my life has taken he has been there to support whatever decision and direction. As the eldest he wanted me to “go live my life and be happy”. I kinda think I am really, don’t you? 😊

My darling beautiful man is a constant gift to me. He’s someone who has been the biggest surprise in my life. As we’ve gotten to know each other more I understand why I was attracted to him in the first place. His smile on that first day still beams at me each morning, afternoon and evening. His consideration of me is like no other, sometimes I’ve had to shake my head and stop so I can take in what a big beautiful and gentle heart he has. I am fortunate that I recognised, in time, the happiness I would have bringing him to my side. He believes in me totally and is a great influence on me continuing with my music career when I feel a little sad about things.

The more I sat and thought about it, the more men who came to mind who had been a significantly positive influence on my life. In fact, amongst all the negative men I’d crossed paths with were more lovely men than I had first thought. These men all respected me for my knowledge and character rather than any physical attribute. They understood and practiced social etiquette and professional boundaries. I learnt much from these professional colleagues and mentors and owe them much for the time they freely gave so that I could move forward. What makes these men special is that they are on the rarer side of common. They see the world in a special way and have a broader view of what really matters. I think it’s rather cool that I can remember these significant men more than those who hurt or harassed me. I feel blessed and fortunate to have had them in my life.
Melissa is right, we could all put our thinking caps on and come up with a #truementoo story. We all must have at least one positive male in our life: even if it’s the postie or the butcher or someone we might see occasionally. I think it’s time we celebrated the men in our lives who have made up for all the a-holes who have tried to bring us down.

Lots of love

Susan xx

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Learning From Disappointment

Dear lovely ones,

I prefer to publish stories that have a level of happiness to them.  There is enough sadness in the world without me adding to it.  Perhaps it's my country upbringing or the great influence of my Pop who used to say "you're a long time dead, so make the most of your life".  So I've mostly put a public face of fun and joy out there even though I have had times of disappointment and sadness.

I recently experienced some disappointment with regard to my music career.  As most would realise, I'm very passionate and very emotionally connected to most things and my music career is where I feel the most for.  Thus, it hits very close to the heart when something disappointing occurs.

I went through the five stages of grief and then decided to live by pop's credo.  So today I have been able to accept what has been done and move on to a better situation.  I love to learn and grow and right now I'm very proud that I have been able to see around the picture and come up with solutions to the disappointing scenario.  They are positive, helpful and forgiving in nature.

If we can't learn from our disappointment and actively work to help redress a situation then the lessons sent to us from the universe will be totally lost.  I didn't want an opportunity to pass me by; far from it.  So now I am smiling again and ready to tackle the next step in my career, whatever that will be.  Yes, I've been a bit down, but not out.  As the late great Tom Petty wrote.."I won't back down, no I won't back down....stand my ground, and I won't back down"

Have a lovely weekend everyone and remember how much we can learn and grow from disappoint



Susan xx

Thursday, 21 September 2017

I Love People

Dear Lovely ones,

As some of you will know I've been madly working on a new album.  This takes more than just songs and a recording studio to bring to life.  It also takes finances to be able to get it to release stage.  I'm not one for crowdfunding so I undertook work in a couple of temporary jobs to help me raise the funds.

The one thing I didn't realise was how much I would enjoy being back in the thick of it, so to speak.  My other career is in Health: Medical Imaging to be exact.  These past few months I've gained more than a healthier bank balance.  I've regained a part of me that I thought had gone, and met some incredible people in the process.  It has rejuvenated me to the point I feel unstoppable and very humble at the same time.  Some of my patients have been at the end of their life and have shown me the value of keeping a smile on my face, no matter what.  Others have shared their stories with me and have entrusted me to keep them to share when the time is right.  I've worked with children, whom I love dearly, and held hands with the elderly as I've walked them either to the exam room or back to reception.  I've even danced with an elderly patient in the exam room.  What a privilege!

I love people, and that is why I work in Medical Imaging and also am an entertainer.  There is nothing more joyful to me than to see a "new friend" smile because of my actions or words.  In this regard I will have many more people to thank on this new album than I will ever be able to list anywhere.  I am truly grateful and truly blessed.

Now let's hope that Adelaide make it into the grandfinal.  that would be wonderful for my adopted home city.

lots of love

Susan xxx

Friday, 15 September 2017

Latest News From Susan Lily

Hi Lovely ones,

In case you've not been around much, but would like to know what is happening, read on....

If you would like to get your own copy of the article then head over to my website and download it from my home page

Thanks Robert Dunstan and BSide Magazine

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Susan Lily at Semaphore Music Festival 17!

Dear Lovely Ones,

I've been chosen, again to play my music at this year's Semaphore Music Festival and I'm so very proud to say it will be with my darling friend Steve Charles! We will be taking over the RSL from 2 - 5 pm on Monday 2nd October for some Musical Monday Shenanigans!  We hope you will join us....

So you can book tickets for the foreshore reserve by clicking on the above link AND you can SAVE THE DATE in your diaries for Our show on Monday 2nd October from 2 - 5's free :)

lots of love

Susan xx

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

How Do We Know When We Choose Wisely?

Dear Lovely Ones,

My grandad used to say things like "you're a long time dead" whenever I wrangled with a decision.  He also used to laugh a lot, tell heaps of silly jokes and seemed to be unfazed by whatever life threw at him.  He was also a survivor of the harsh times of the depression.  Born in a tent just outside of Balranald in far western NSW he went on to become my favourite person in the world.  I, thankfully, spent 6 months living within his influence when I went to college to study Medical Imaging.  

My pop was gifted in so many ways and yet wasn't allowed to have his one great love: music.  My grandmother, for some reason, did not like him playing the piano.  Instead he would sneak outside with me, when we could, and play his piano accordion for our entertainment.  He never lost the ability to laugh at the world and to make good of what he had to.  Through his encouragment I've tried many things; some that worked and some that didn't.  

He's long gone now but I still feel his influence, especially when I am in need of direction for myself.  It's as though he is still with me, encouraging me to grow and to continue to give the level of attention to my needs that I sometimes forget.

Today I had to make the tough decision to turn down something that was not the right fit for me.  I chose me.  It's fair to say that it's taken me some time to get to the point of not being afraid to turn something down in the hope that something better will arrive in its place.  That is what I have started to do more and more lately; turn down things that either made my head hurt or my body ache.  To feel good about saying "no" and then taking the risk that comes with it will always feel a little awkward to me.  Yet the more I take the courageous steps to define to the world what I want the happier I feel inside.  Is this what my grandad meant when he used to tell me that saying?  I'd like to think so.  My body is relaxed and my mind is ambling along instead of running in circles.  My day is brighter, and I hope yours is too :)


Susan xxx

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

A Rebel Redneck Rock'n'Roll Kinda Show

Dear Lovely Ones,

Today we lost a man whose passion for country music was so big that it will take some time for community radio to recover.  Roger Lloyd was a champion of country music on community radio and also a staunch social justice advocate for those in need.  His fervour for country music extended to attending more live music shows that I can remember to diligently videotaping many of our live performances to upload to his youtube channel: Roger Lloyd. Over 200 edited videos are up there and will live on in the ether forever.  Sadly Roger lost his battle with the big C this morning and has gone to spin discs with the angels and boxercise with the other spirits.

What I remember the most about him was his big grin, his honesty and his joy at playing new music on his Casey FM radio show "Rebels Rednecks Rock'n'Roll.  His legacy will continue and so will his spirit.

Vale Roger, I'll miss your posts and your wit.  Thank you for giving me a great start as a recording artist.  You were there from the beginning....see you on the flip side xxxx

Sunday, 9 July 2017

The Butterfly is Blossoming

Dear Lovely Ones,

It was 6 years ago today that I excitedly experienced my first album launch.  Held at Hardimans Hotel in Kensington, I had a wonderful time with so many gorgeous folk.  Some are still my friends and others I often think of fondly whenever I take an album out or someone requests a song of mine on radio.

This album took a while to become a finished project too.  A labour of love, it took 2 years to be finished.  During that time I learnt much about songwriting, recording and leading a band: all things that were mentored by a fabulous guy and my producer Paul Norton. We worked diligently whenever we could in his studio, and I gained more than I paid for I believe.  I will always be thankful and grateful for the guidance Paul and his gorgeous wife, Wendy Stapleton, gave me.  They are truly generous people who gave me so much and continue to inspire me whenever I find myself with a newly finished song or do a great show.

I had the BEST time that night.  My dad came down to be there with me and I'm so grateful he did.  He loved every minute of it.  I had a great bunch of musicians around me and I also had a surprise visitor who almost knocked me off my high heels.  That was a beautiful moment I will always treasure.  Seeing the smiling face of a man I treasured as a friend and now treasure in my life was the biggest and best surprise of the launch (even though I didn't realise then where I would be now).

Me at my album launch

Today is also the birthday of my favourite twins and a mate from home.  What a fabulous date to have in my life!

Happy sunday everyone xxx

Thursday, 6 July 2017

The NT: Is It The Last Bastion of The Aussie Larrikin?

Dear Lovely Ones,

As I may have mentioned, I'm up in Alice Springs at the moment working to continue raising the funds to complete my forthcoming album.  It's a very isolated and very special part of our country and big world.

Last Saturday night I was privileged to witness an annual event that can only happen here in the NT.  July 1st marks Territory Day and there's a 12 hour window from 0900 to 2100 where people can buy as many fireworks as they can and discharge them willy nilly around the territory.  From what I've been told it's quite a rebellious time of year as people will line up to then see how many of them can discharge fireworks for the following week or so without securing a $1200 fine from the local constabulary.  I'm not sure how the NT police feel about the random firework displays or trying to catch the perpetrators but as a visitor I've delighted in the rebelliousness.  How many of us even think about walking that fine line of larrikinism that still lives up here in the Red Centre??  As crazy and annoying the constant noise was it also made me chortle when I think about the shenanigans we used to WANT to get up to elsewhere.  Are we all becoming soft? Where is our larrikin spirit?  Is the NT the last bastion of shenanigans and larrikinism?  I do hope not.  I loved seeing this as a paper headline......

As daft as it may seem down south, this is a much preferred front page than all the other tragedies that currently happen in all our states and territories when it comes to social justice and community spirit.

People came together during this crazy time of fireworks and were able to let off the steam needed so they could all go back to work on monday and plan how much they were going to save up for next year's firecrackerama.  I would bet there are savings accounts purely to put "cracker money" away each year, and why wouldn't you.  Who doesn't like a good firework display? :)

lots of love 

Susan xx

ps. As I type I can hear a few more crackers going off somewhere in town.  I hope they are having fun :)

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

What Makes a Diamond Day?

Dear Lovely Ones,

I got home today and couldn't help but tune in to the song that was spinning round in my brain.  It's a John Denver classic..."somedays are diamonds, somedays are stones...." It's a good reflection of the times we can't wait to leap out of bed and those days we'd rather stay under the doona.  Today was a diamond day in so many ways and reminds me of the value of life, breath and loving all the moments we have.  Today I felt I achieved something again,and that's one of the things that inspires me to continue.

I also had some good news about more work that will help me fund my forthcoming album.  That's what I like to do, invest in myself and hope that it rubs off around the globe.  I'm really excited about this second album.  Not only am I working with a different team than the first album, but I'm also a better song writer (well I think so).

So, today was a diamond day and I'm hoping tomorrow will bring more challenges and similar achievement.

thanks for reading and I'd love to hear from you about what makes your day a diamond day.


Susan xx

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Winter/Summer Solstice 2017

Dear Lovely Ones,

I hope this finds you all well and enjoying the delights of winter here in the southern hemisphere.  For those up in the Northern Hemisphere I hope summer is bringing you a fresh perspective.  

I've been working on the creation of my second album for a number of months now.  In case you don't know, I'm working with Anthony Stewart (Red Brick Music) on twelve unreleased tracks from my own pen.  It's all starting to come together and we have mapped out the final stages for its completion.  Exciting times!!!

I've also, in the last few days, completed studies that will give me a new set of qualifications in coming weeks.  Spring time is going to be a busy time for this gal!  In the planning stages is a whole new pathway for me to 
1. earn a living in a different area and,
2. keep doing what I love... helping people :)

The album is on track and so am I.  I hope with this winter/summer solstice is also bringing you positive changes and new directions.

Lots of love

Susan xx

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Thank You Captain Brian and Vale MV Port Princess

Dear Lovely Ones,

A career so fortunate always has so many to thank,  and no matter what stage you are in there is always time to do so.  Tragically, I am doing this after a most awful event these past 24 hours.  For those who have been on the Port River Princess, it's been a great way to relax and see the Dolphins up and down the Port River.  Captain Brian and Tammy, plus their wonderful team, carried out each trip as enthusiastically as if it was their first one ever.  I was very fortunate to not only play a number of shows on the top deck, but also to be a passenger on a lunchtime cruise where we got to see Dolphins playing with the tug boats up and down the river.

A very proud Captain is Brian, and I loved the excitement in his voice over the PA when he sited a Dolphin for us.  Great memories and musical moments on board.

Below is the acoustic set up for our gigs we did for the riverboat and Platinum Event Agency

Sadly the vessel sank last night, on its way to a new home in Victoria.  Thank goodness Captain Brian and crew are safe but I feel that emotions will be running high at the moment.  Perhaps the old girl didn't want to move to a new home.  Maybe she felt her time was up.  We will never know, but I know that I am so glad I got to experience her beauty on the water.

I had THE BEST time when I played the 4 shows on here.  Beautiful river, great vessel and crew and wonderful passengers too.  I am very sad that the vessel is gone, yet I'm so grateful that I was fortunate enough to take my music on board.  Many thanks to Captain Brian and team and I hope we will all catch up one day soon.

lots of love

Susan xx

Monday, 15 May 2017

Susan Lily Update - May 2017

Dear Lovely Ones,

After a beautiful break up in FNQ with my darling man and my sista from another mista, it's back to the grindstone to earn the funding to keep my recording schedule on track.

I had a great time up north and got to play again with Michelle Walker at our favourite venue, The Bingil Bay Cafe.  Nestled amongst the coastal rainforests this gorgeous cafe boasts a wonderful relaxed atmosphere, friendly service and, quality dining.

Oh, and I have a few great gigs coming up this week and here are the posters for them.

Saturday 20th May we will be on stage FULL BAND at 5 pm

Did I tell you I was fortunate enough to be a successful grant applicant for this project?  The wonderful team at Arts SA granted me about 30% of the final costs to help me get started on this.  So I've begun the process and at this point Anthony Stewart and I have arranged the tracks, recorded guide vocals, and built the songs up with guitar and bass.  From here the files have been passed on to Brad Bergen who will create drum tracks that will compliment what is already there and enhance the songs just that little bit more.

When we have more details regarding this project, I will let you all know.  Happy listening gang! I hope to see some Adelaidians out tonight, Friday or saturday to see live music!!


Susan xx

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Happy Easter!

Dear Lovely Ones,

It's Easter time as well and like most people I'm taking time out to sit back and relax for a few days.  For me, this time of year is one of regeneration and renewal.  There's not the stresses of Christmas, simply the joys of being alive and having the choice how we spend this holiday.

Leading up to this break has been some wonderful time in the studio with my co-producer Anthony Stewart.  What he doesn't know about music isn't worth thinking about.  From a chance encounter to working with him on HERE ON THE ROAD and having him play live in my trio I'm now joyfully doing a full album at his Red Brick Music studio.

I'm now at the stage of recording where all the songs have basic structure, guide vocals and are now ready for drum tracks to be added.  I've learnt, once again, more about recording and I'm very excited at how this new album will turn out.  Yeah, I know, it's early days but someone wise once told me that "you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear" and if a song sounds great when it's just two instruments then it's going to sound fabbo when there are more added.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter break and safe travels to those who are on the road.

lots of love

susan xxx

Monday, 20 March 2017

When Life Is...

Dear Lovely Ones,
I've had a bit of time to ponder about some recent events; how I've felt, grown and, dealt with them.  The statement “Life is as hard as you make it” comes to mind.  Not a bad one and one that each of us will view differently depending on what is happening in our lives.  Some will say it is a challenge to us and continue to strive for happiness and others will simply succumb to the literality of the words and feel that things aren’t worth doing or pursuing. 

So, where do I see myself in this?  I’m somewhere in the upper middle third towards feeling grateful each day and continuing to forge ahead with my dreams.  Yes, sometimes they feel somewhat crushed by things I cannot control and yet they also bounce back.  Sometimes the bounce back feels greater than the fall as I gain a new appreciation of how far I have come since I began consciously acknowledging my path. 

I like to think that new experiences for me will be positive ones, not perfect though, just positive.  My recent foray into a new arena has had its issues and perceived setbacks.  What I mean by “perceived setbacks” are those things that we feel are important to succeed in: yet turn out to be insignificant to our personal journey. It becomes that we must do these things in order to get to where we perceive we ought to be.  For instance, with marketing there are a series of things that people want to do during eg a festival.  Though there are standard methods of marketing, who’s to say that everyone is going to make their own choice via the mass marketing methods?  A major percentage of the people who came to see my Fringe Show only knew me from the guide, my appearances on the unfold fringe stage, social media campaign or the small handful of flyers and posters I distributed.  In that regard I’ve learnt much about what I need to do next year and what people notice more than not.

I feel that people choose something because it resonates with a part of their life and self.  Marketing will succeed when there is a genuine gift to those who participate.  That is the best lesson I’ve had in the past few months.  The other one is to refrain from being caught up in other’s negative experiences and opinions.  After all, we all see the world uniquely and thus the world will do the same to us if we give them the chance to see our unique and genuine self.  That is the best part of what I’ve gained from this new adventure into the world of festivals.

I’m looking forward to seeing what unfolds in coming months.  Thank you universe for teaching me to trust and to keep going.  Life can be easy when you know how to stop it feeling hard.

lots of love to you all

Susan xx

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

It's A Start! - Recording Day 1

Dear Lovely Ones,

Today, Wednesday 15th March 2017, marks the beginning of a new release from me.  Yes, I've begun to record my 2nd album and I'm really excited.  I've read that artists have oft been jittery with a second release but I feel I had that with the EP, so this will be my 3rd release in reality.  It's been 5 1/2 years since Butterfly was released and I've been told it's "high time" for me to be doing new stuff. Like a lot of artists this has become a financial rather than artistic decision: waiting for a time when funds would be around to assist with the process.  Luckily I have some funding up my sleeve and the temerity to earn the rest.  I'm very happy with my song choices, some old and some new.  It's a start and I'm on my way to a new set of recorded music for the masses.  Yippee!


Susan xx

Monday, 13 March 2017

Did I Mention I Write?

Hi Lovely Ones,

Over the years I've written much for my standup, my songs and also short stories and poems for just me.  I did have a dream to be able to write for someone or something but quashed it for many years just like I did my music and comedy.  Well, recently I was given the opportunity to develop a piece for a local Adelaide Music Magazine and I'm very proud to say that I'm happy with what I created.  To be fair, my subjects were very easy to gain the right vibe and info from.  However, it's a wonderful feeling to see your own word composition published professionally.  

So, where is this first gem?  It's right here:  BSide Magazine Issue #82 on the issuu website.  It's your very own #magazineinyourpocket and can be downloaded to any device for perusal during the 2 week period.  There are links to all the shows and venues advertising and for bands, the advertising is affordable.

Here is my article :)

Here again is the link: BSide Mag Susan's Article Pag 18

Happy reading and please let me know what you think


susan xx

We Did It! #ADLfringe 2017

Dear Lovely Ones,

I've just completed my debut at the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2017 and I am so overwhelmed with the love received from those close to me and also to people who took a chance and booked tickets to my show without knowing me at all.  To say I feel blessed is an understatement indeed, for this has become another great step in my life and my career as an entertainer.

I took a chance meeting last August to accept the offer of a venue to support me doing a show and then let my imagination run away with me as to the possibilities that could be brought to life.  At first I was hesitant to delve back into my comedic roots, however I am so glad I did.  Not only did I revisit a part of my life that I'd longed to do, I'd surpassed my own expectations as to performing as a story teller and standup comic.

They say that the truth of your own life will resonate with others and by sharing real stories a new and fresh bond can be woven with both old and new friends.  That seemed to be the case with my show.  It was raw and real and my own take on the world as a child in outback NSW.  It felt so natural to revisit a comedy character and then to be interacting with her in front of an audience felt like the most normal thing in the world to me.  I remember during the first show how scared I was that I would fail somehow and stuff up.  A mate of mine and I had been talking a week earlier about a man who had made a big impact on our comedic lives.  This man has been sadly gone from earth for 7 years now, but we still feel his presence every so often.  Well, that night, in the midst of my internal dilemma he "came to me".  His name popped into my head suddenly and, as I looked out into the crowd, I felt he was saying something like "it's alright, you're doing great.  This is you".  A fleeting moment yet poignant.  From that moment onwards I've simply gotten up and done the show.  No fuss, no more than normal nerves, as I traversed through my script.

I'm so glad I took a chance on me: so glad I did more than just my music.  I feel very much alive and like I am really here again.  I've not felt that for a long time.  It's brilliant to be honest.  The funnest thing is that some of my Adelaide friends have learnt a little bit more about me in the process. It's been a win-win situation and I couldn't be happier.

The show would be nothing without my support team though.  The following people made this event a beautiful success:

I have much to thank my darling man Graham Burkin who helped with set design and provided a great sound and lighting rig as well.  His business, AMPit has been developed to provide local and interstate bands live production facilities.  On top of that he is also an awesome bass player and quite the comic in his own right.

Many thanks to Elisa Franzon and the team at the Hilton Hotel in Hilton.  Fedora's restaurant was the perfect setting to have the show in.  We had table service throughout the show, making things easier for patrons to simply sit and enjoy the experience.

Lovely to have John de Michele working with us on sound engineer duties.  Amongst his many talents that are musical, he is a great sound engineer and also a wonderful human being.  Very loyal and genuine, it was a pleasure to work with him on this project.

To my gorgeous friend and "sister from another mister" Carol Hancock a big thank you!  Another of my happy accidents in life has been meeting and getting to know Carol.  A beautiful soul with a wonderful heart.  I can't thank her enough for all the support she gave me during the show.  The role of box office/merchandise is a vital part of any team.

Thank you also to Elton Gregory for designing a beautiful poster for me.

Thank you to the many shopkeepers and cafe owners who allowed me to put my posters up in their windows.  

Many thanks also to the Adelaide Fringe Festival Headquarters team for all their help, support and advice.  It's been a fabulous journey of discovery and learning.

Thank you to Print Mint for giving me great posters and flyers in a timely manner.

I'd also like to thank Anthony Sims and Jim Manning from WOW FM, along with Steve McNally from Coast FM, and Lisa Harper-Campbell from Radio Adelaide for their interviews.

Before I finish I'd like to share with you the opening sequences from the show: the naughty Loretta one and then the one I did dedicated to my late Grandfather, Ronald Waring.  Thanks pop for giving me the genes that lead me to comedy and music.  I'm so glad you passed them on.

This is the real intro:

Have a great week everyone and thanks again to those who either help me make the show or who attended.  Bless you all.


Susan xx