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Sunday, 2 December 2018

What a Lovely Way to end 2018!

Dear Lovely Ones,

Yesterday marked a significant event in my music career as I became a semi-finalist in the Tamworth Songwriters Association annual songwriting competition in two categories.  This is a first for me and I'm so grateful to so many people for the opportunity to record and then to showcase my songs around the world as well as inside my home country.  

Here are the categories my songs are in:

The first is the bluegrass section and it's my current single FEELING LOVE.  this song reached into the national charts in October to #25 and just made its debut into the TYGA FM top 40 chart at #19 this week.  It's a track about gratitude to friends and how much they mean to each and everyone of us.  Friends are there for our good and bad times and it's during the harder times that friends can make a true difference to our lives.  A great friend can be the difference in our recovery time from heartache or sorrow.

The second song that is a semi-finalist is the song I wrote about our wonderful Port Adelaide, TOUGH AS GERANIUM.  It's a song about the relationship between the wild geraniums that grow on the streets of the Port and the tenacity of the suburb to weather some of the storms of it's recent past.  Historically a busy port, it became a shadow of it's former self until recently.  Like the geranium, the Port has survived the dry times and is now enjoying a resurgence as it so richly deserves.

There are many people to thank, and here is but a few:

Anthony Stewart from Red Brick Recording Studios in Adelaide and all the musicians who played on the tracks
Neville Clark from Disk Edits who mastered the album tracks
The late John Baker, from The Baker Suite for his mentorship during the Semaphore Songs Project in 2015.
The TSA for hosting these awards

to my darling handyman, Graham, thank you for your unending support and belief.

If you haven't had a chance to listen to my new album FREE SPIRITED, and the semi-final songs, then you can do so via the link below the album cover.

Many thanks also to all my mates, and social media friends and radio presenters.  You all make up a wonderful part of my world and I'm so grateful to everyone.

lots of love

susan xx

Locals Supporting Locals - ichooseSA

Dear Lovely ones,

December started with a BANG! musically.  I was fortunate to perform in two great events yesterday. The first was GINCIDENT, down at Harts Mill with a couple of the Beach House Boys (Mark and Pete).  We did a fun 45 minute set of my songs and and selected covers: including a rousing rendition of WHAT SHALL WE DO WITH A DRUNKEN SAILOR... which went well with the crowd.  It was a fun afternoon of music, food and Gin tasting by all.

Here are the small businesses I supported on the day:

Decadent doughnuts....yummmm from Cherry Darlings

I had a fabulous iced coffee from Mischief Brew to go with the doughnut :)

if that wasn't fun enough, I also ended up playing a set with the Gov's Variety Show down at Adelaide's own Governor Hindmarsh in the front bar.  

If you've never been to Adelaide's ONLY live variety show just know it's on every 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month in the front bar of the Gov.  This variety includes music artists, comedians, magicians, dancers... in fact, sometimes you will be surprised by the acts on.  The shows are free however if people donate a bit as they come through then the artists will get a little something.
The great thing about this show is that it is very supportive to innovative and new material.  it's a chance for audiences to hear and see for the first time, an artist's new material.

One of the great things that these events showcase is local talents.  Whether it be the food and beverage businesses or artists and  agencies that reside here in SA, events like these rally to showcase and support everyday people who dream big.  Let's keep on supporting local; it's our neighbourhood we are keeping alive.  This in turn keeps the greater wheels of our society turning.

Thank you all so much for supporting me and other small businesses!



Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Mantra Studio Kitchen and Bar - 14.10.18

Dear Lovely Ones,

If you ever find yourself in Yarraville, Victoria, please drop into 10a Campbell street.  You will understand more what a beautiful place Mantra is before you even walk through the doors.

the magic continues when you do enter.  Greeted by fabulous staff and a great environment, you cannot help but feel instantly at home.  They have catered for children in a way I've not seen before and so it's a real family affair each time you turn around.

I was lucky enough to book in and play an afternoon on 14th October, 2018.
One of the best parts was seeing the lovely faces of friends I used to hang out with when I lived in Melbourne.  It was a reunion and a great afternoon of music with banter in between that gave us all a giggle and a guffaw.  I made a few new fans as well with random guests who arrived and then stayed to hear my tales of life.

The place is run and owned by two fabulous individuals who also make up the duo The Long and The Short of It.  Patsy and David are the most generous hosts who will often be found mucking in with their crew to ensure that customers are serviced and the staff feel supported.

As an artist I felt very loved, looked after and appreciated.  I wish there were more placed like Mantra Studio Kitchen and Bar, and I'm very glad we at least have one venue like this.

It's a special place run by equally special people.
Have yourself a merry little party in either upstairs or in their private room.
Go see live music that is free on a sunday!
Support a local business that puts PEOPLE first!!

Can't thank Patsy and David enough for giving me a most gorgeous space to sing my tunes and entertain my friends.

love Susan xx

PS.  look at these desserts!!!!

PPS.  they even had lillies in the vase....was it just for me??? ;)

Saturday, 15 September 2018

Is Man's Best Friend the True Key to Everything?

Dear Lovely ones,

It suddenly occurred to me this morning how much positive power our canine furbabies have in this world.  I've always loved and admired my friend's dogs and those I met on the street.  I've followed the lives of various friend's pooches on social media and in the 3D world and remember fondly how much my dogs meant to me when I was a lonely adolescent in outback NSW.  Actually having my own furkid now and sharing our exploits on social media it's apparent to me that these furry friends are possibly a bigger key to world happiness than ever before.

Why am I saying this?  On instagram my followers have grown so much since I began posting images and videos of Molly.  I'm meeting people from across the world who share in my love of my dog by sharing themselves and their babies.  On Facebook and twitter they have become the most commented posts, and when I see a mate's photo with them and their furbaby I can't help but feel so much happier.  What I am seeing here is a widespread love of all things doggy.  

Then there are the "feelgood" stories and videos that so many people share about dogs.  The dog performing CPR, the ones that are taken into nursing homes to visit the elderly, and the ones who rescue a  human child in their "pack" family from adversity.  We've all seen this but have we really LOOKED and taken in what we are seeing??

I'd love to see if we could harness this love we have for the canine and find a similar joy in the human world.  Our furkids love us for many reasons.  They feel protected and nurtured in a pack situation.  They are fed and cared for by us.  We give them shelter and quality time.  These are all things we can do in our human world as well.  It takes a shift in mindset to accomplish but I'm sure that if we took a chance our world might slowly share more joy than sorrow.

This is Molly.  She is our furbaby.  She's naughty, cheeky and I'm so in love with her and the joy she brings into my life.  No matter what happens, she makes my day that much brighter and I feel I can face the world with a much stronger foundation.  I know when I come home she is happy to see me.  I can be in a bad mood and all she wants to do is comfort me.  We spent quality time together and I get to watch her grow into an adult.  

this is Molly the night she arrived at our place...10 weeks old 

Molly at 12 weeks of age. Such a cutey
this is Molly now.  Quite the "lady" 
Even when she's destroying things it's ok. 
We've actually found things that we are happy for her to "rearrange"
Having a furbaby in our family is always entertaining!

This photo needs no caption lol......

Wouldn't it be great if our attitude to dogs and what they give us is all that is needed to give us a bit more world peace?  Yeah, you could say this is a simplistic attitude and you would be right.  However, if a simple thing like spending time with a canine actually helped you to destress and recharge wouldn't you want that in your life?  Are you a nicer person to those around you as a result of this?  If seeing a positive video about a dog made you feel all warm and fuzzy, couldn't you use this to do something nice for a human in your life?  A dog gives and gives until its last breath.   In return we cuddle, play, feed, give shelter and love them back with all our hearts.   If we gave to humans wouldn't it come back to us in spades eventually too?  They say that "paying it forward" is the way to live your live if you want to be happy.  I think dogs do this in spades.  I also feel they are the key to eternal happiness if we let it in.

Lots of Love

Susan xx

Sunday, 26 August 2018

August Update

Dear Lovely Ones,

Recently I was the recipient of some media attention through the recent song I released, TOUGH AS GERANIUM.

Firstly, I was given a time to go and play live on Peter Goers' show on ABC Radio Adelaide and have a quick chat.

Here is the link to the Facebook live footage taken that night:
ABC Radio Adelaide - Peter Goers' show

On twitter I was contacted by a journalist from the Advertiser about the same song and ended up on the front page of the Port Adelaide Messenger...though you need a subscriber login to read it online... so I will scan the paper in once I get a copy this week.

In more news, I am playing a special show next Saturday at the DOCKSIDE TAVERN in Lipson street, PORT ADELAIDE.  I am the second artist to be booked for "Dockside Conversations", which is a mix of original tunes and the stories behind them.

It should be a fun night, so book yourself a table and come armed with questions you may wish me to answer!

One more thing!  I am a nominee in the People's Choice Awards for MOST POPULAR COUNTRY ARTIST for the SA Music Awards in 2018.  It's my first time in these awards and I would be grateful for your vote (plus if you want to share the link around that would be fabbo too!)

Then scroll down to the country music section.

the best thing is you don't have to vote for anyone else in any other category unless you wish it.

thanks for taking the time to read this update and have a great start to the working week!


Susan xx

Thursday, 2 August 2018

TOUGH AS GERANIUM - Waltzing into History

Dear Lovely ones,

Many thanks to so many community radio presenters and those who request our music.  TOUGH AS GERANIUM is now in the top 20 in the national chart at #19.

It's also cracked the top 10 in Tasmania/OZCMR as well and is sitting at #7 since last saturday

PLUS!  I've just discovered that myself and TOUGH AS GERANIUM have been nominated for the Tasmanian Country Music Awards this year as well!  thank you all so much!

Have a super rest of the week everyone!
Susan x

Friday, 27 July 2018

Album Review - Free Spirited

Hi lovely ones,

I actually thought I had already posted this on here but alas I had not.  Months ago I was reviewed by Capital News Magazine with my new album FREE SPIRITED.  Here is an image of that review!!


Saturday, 7 July 2018

Tough As Geranium #24

Dear Lovely ones,

It's always lovely to know that people are playing the music we all write and there's nothing sweeter than seeing a song not only debut in a chart but also rise in it.

This weekend TOUGH AS GERANIUM has risen 4 spots to number 24 in the Tasmanian top 30!

Many thanks go to Nigel Jones in Tasmania and to OZCMR's own Mark Eckel, plus all the other presenters in Tasmania

If you would like a copy of Tasmania's number 24 song then please CLICK on the title

Thank you Tasmania!

Thursday, 5 July 2018


Dear lovely ones,

It's been some time since I last wrote in my blog.... too many things happening at onece, but I'm very happy to say that my new album FREE SPIRITED is out now and has been since March 9th 2018.

The second single from this collection of songs is TOUGH AS GERANIUM and is an ode to both the humble geranium that grows in the streets of Port Adelaide and the suburb itself.  After the hustle and bustle of the old days when the Port was a busy receiving station for products and people, it hit a low patch a number of decades ago and has been trying to regain its composure eversince.  A suburb that is still going, still trying, still growing, like the geraniums in the streets of the heritage precinct.  This place refuses to die and wants us to come back: indeed this is beginning to happen in steps that are small and big.

The single was released on June 18th 2018 via CRS publicity and has, so far, made its debut into the Tasmanian Country Music top 30 at number 28!

It's a very proud moment for me.  This song is very special and I hope you drop by itunes to have a listen soon.

lots of Love

Susan Lily xx