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Sunday, 31 January 2016

WOW! Thank you Spectrum Radio!!

It's the middle of the night here in downtown Adelaide and the other people are out stumbling the streets trying to remember where their feet are.  Not me, oh no. I'm home safe and sound and have just checked out the chart for Spectrum Radio Countdown to discover that my song HERE ON THE ROAD has jumped up 8 places to BE IN THE TOP TEN AT NUMBER 8!!!!  WOOHOO!!!

Many thanks to Micky Spectrum and all the listeners who've been voting for it.  I'm rather blown away by how quickly it's risen.  I will sleep a very happy sleep tonight.

If you want to vote for the song and others in the chart, please go to SPECTRUM RADIO (via this link) or to

What a year this one's turning out to be!!

lots of love to all

Sooz! xx

So Many Moments

I've just got home from a gig that began as so many have; getting there on time for soundcheck, meeting the other musicians and getting "into the zone".  However, I am so chuffed about how the night went. I feel like I've passed another inivisible hurdle to "step up" and smash my PB (and I don't mean peanut butter as I like mine crunchy) for performing.  It was such an enjoyable night with a cameraderie that made its way to the walls and behind the bar (the staff said they really enjoyed the night too).

 A real family affair twas this launch for a truly beautiful and talented local artist and here was I, an invited party to help celebrate the event.  It was a chance spotting of a post on FB (by my gorgeous man) that lead me to becoming part of the Samantha Edge album launch for "Moments".  So many moments indeed.

First there was the celtic trio called Telenn Tri who opened the night with essences of time gone by mixed with contemporary feel.  Made up of Violin, Harp, and guitar or piano accordion this trio delighted us with joyous melodies and heartfelt originals.

After a short break I got up to do my bit and suddenly it all felt rather magical.  Perhaps it was the total attention the room had given to my predecessors and was now giving to me.  Maybe it had something to do with my recent successes in Tamworth at the CMF.  Was I channeling my grandad?  Was he with me now?   Pop was a gifted musician who had no lessons and simply "felt" music.  I do too.  Sometimes it frustrates other musicians when I can't explain something or count them in... but I do feel music takes me over and I ride the tide of its rhythms til my songs are finished.

Anyway, I digress.  I changed my songlist to cater for one of the gorgeous ladies I'd met earlier and found myself singing "Butterfly" like I've never done before.  I felt I'd reached that moment when dynamics ruled me rather than the other way.  It felt good, right, and I  went with it all.

My impact, I found out later, was profound and very positive.  As far as I'm concerned tonight was almost the night to end all nights.  If I don't wake up tomorrow this is a testament to me being a very happy and fulfilled gal.

The magic continued well after my spotlight moment.  I sat down to relax and listen to Samantha do her launch sets and found myself swept into another world.  Each song was more than heartfelt, divine in its own creation and reminded me of my own journey.  One of the things I've grown to love about Samantha is her ability to share, even the saddest, stories in a way that makes you believe there is much hope to be had.  I'm so glad she did two sets; one would have had me begging for more.

I do hope you go and have a listen to her album "Moments".  I've got my copy and you can find yours if you take the time to visit her website (which is linked to her name at the top).  To those who have not yet seen this gifted Adelaidian, please find her on social media and go see her live!!!  You will awaken to a whole new world when you see Samantha Edge in concert.

I'm off to bed now to dream about my next gig with Samantha.  I reckon it's gonna be a cracker! I'm so very grateful I made contact and got to share a stage with another wonderful music artist.

love to all