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Friday, 27 February 2015

Dear Manager

Dear Manager,

I recently found your venue perchance and thought it might be a lovely place to dine.  The experience, unfortunately, was rather different from the one I’d hoped.

So please find to follow a list of suggestions that may help you to help your staff:

  • 1.       When greeting a customer be pleasant and helpful.  Ask them if they have been at your venue before and if new give them an overview of the logistics

a.       Do not point to the counter and say “ the menus are over there” and then walk away from your customer
  • 2.       When you approach a table of customers who have not ordered yet, give them a rundown of the specials

a.       Do not say you do not know what the specials are and then expect the customer to leave the table and walk across to the one black board in the premises
  • 3.       When leaving a drinks menu please remember to come back and take an order

a.       Do not wander around the very empty venue, rearranging tables and generally engaging in chit chat between staff, ignoring the few patrons present
  • 4.       When providing a meal it is important that the knives provided will actually cut into the food

a.       Do not simply leave the customer by themselves and not check to see if anything is amiss.  The customer should not have to, once again, leave the table and go to the main counter to ask for knives that can actually cut
  • 5.       When serving food or drinks make some eye contact and be pleasant

a.       Do not simply put the drinks on the table without looking at anyone and silently leave
  • 6.       When the customers are ready to leave and come to pay at the counter it’s always better to ask if everything was ok and remain pleasant

a.       Do not slap the bill down onto the counter, pushing it toward the customer whilst looking away.  This makes you appear dismissive and uninterested.
  • 7.       When a customer does have a complaint it is far better to engage with them, empathise and perhaps even offer them a reason to want to come back to your establishment.

a.       Do not stand there with your mouth open, staring blankly at the customer then remain mute.  It only makes the establishment and staff look more unappealing
  • 8.       Finally, remember that you never know who you’re a serving so it’s best to treat everyone like they could either tell lots of people to come to your place or advise them to stay away. 

a.       Do not treat your customers badly.  You never know who they might tell

kind regards


ps. best of luck, I think you're gonna need it :)