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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Modern Dating - A Perfect Match

The following is a conversation between two fictional characters about a fictional date in a fictional town.  All names are fictional and bear no resemblance to anyone fictional or non-fictional... in fact, I’m not sure where the names came from.....

Jessica: “What did you do on the weekend?”
Penny: “Not much, went on a date.”
Jessica: “Oooh, how did it go?”
Penny: “Really great.  We had a lot of fun.”
Jessica: “Lunch?  Dinner?”
Penny: “Lunch”
Jessica: “What did you have?”
Penny: “I had a thai dish and he had a steak”
Jessica: “and how did you get along?”
Penny: “He’s so easy to talk with even though sometimes a bit hard to hear”
Jessica: “why was that?  Did he whisper?”
Penny: “no silly.  The signal was fading out and in”
Jessica: “Huh?”
Penny: “when we called each other!”
Jessica: “WTF? Why were you CALLING each other?”
Penny “WELL, he wanted STEAK and I wanted THAI. So we ate in different places silly!”
Jessica: “You were HAPPY with this????”
Penny: “Yeah sure.  I just had to have thai!  Next time we are going to try and find a place that does thai AND steak.”
Jessica: “So did you meet him or did he pick you up?”
Penny:” He picked me up at home.  Kinda romantic actually”
Jessica: “Well, how the f@#k did you get home then??”
Penny:” We met back at his car and he drove me home.  I’m not stupid!”
Jessica: “So did you get a chance to communicate a little better during the car trip home?”
Penny:”Well, I tried but he kept telling me that he couldn’t answer text messages whilst driving.  Something about crashing the car, cops... I dunno”
Jessica: “I give up” (smacks head with hand)

Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Things You Find When You're Not Looking

It's funny what you can find when you aren't looking for it.  Take this next article that I found today as a "for instance" which was written on July 1st 2011.  I wasn't expecting to find it but I do remember what was going on around the time I wrote it.  I was a week away from launching my debut album and after losing my aunt to heaven in late May I was in need of something positive.  I must have felt truly blessed when I wrote this.  I still do feel rather fortunate given that back then I did not know how very different my life would be 18 months down the track.  So here it is.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did when I rediscovered it.  


Love, even fleetingly can be good for the soul. Who says that it has to be forever? Who says it has to be textbook?  If the two people are happy with the situation they have then it’s fine.  There is only a problem when one wants more than the other can give, and demands it.  Love can cause pain yet it is a sweet one that gives a meaning to living.  True living happens when we feel, no matter what the feeling is.  If we deprive ourselves the gift of feeling we emanate a wall that people walk away from.   It’s perceived subconsciously as too much effort for potentially little gain.  Yet, if we open ourselves to love in one way perhaps we are setting ourselves for finding the lasting and realistic love we crave and deserve.  No instant however small is a waste of time.  Loving another does not mean you will share every moment, but loving another can open you up to a whole new world of opportunity within your own reality.  Love is always wanted and can always be found; we just need to have our receptors ready to take it and embrace it for the joy it brings.

July 1st 2011