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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

How Do We Know When We Choose Wisely?

Dear Lovely Ones,

My grandad used to say things like "you're a long time dead" whenever I wrangled with a decision.  He also used to laugh a lot, tell heaps of silly jokes and seemed to be unfazed by whatever life threw at him.  He was also a survivor of the harsh times of the depression.  Born in a tent just outside of Balranald in far western NSW he went on to become my favourite person in the world.  I, thankfully, spent 6 months living within his influence when I went to college to study Medical Imaging.  

My pop was gifted in so many ways and yet wasn't allowed to have his one great love: music.  My grandmother, for some reason, did not like him playing the piano.  Instead he would sneak outside with me, when we could, and play his piano accordion for our entertainment.  He never lost the ability to laugh at the world and to make good of what he had to.  Through his encouragment I've tried many things; some that worked and some that didn't.  

He's long gone now but I still feel his influence, especially when I am in need of direction for myself.  It's as though he is still with me, encouraging me to grow and to continue to give the level of attention to my needs that I sometimes forget.

Today I had to make the tough decision to turn down something that was not the right fit for me.  I chose me.  It's fair to say that it's taken me some time to get to the point of not being afraid to turn something down in the hope that something better will arrive in its place.  That is what I have started to do more and more lately; turn down things that either made my head hurt or my body ache.  To feel good about saying "no" and then taking the risk that comes with it will always feel a little awkward to me.  Yet the more I take the courageous steps to define to the world what I want the happier I feel inside.  Is this what my grandad meant when he used to tell me that saying?  I'd like to think so.  My body is relaxed and my mind is ambling along instead of running in circles.  My day is brighter, and I hope yours is too :)


Susan xxx

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

A Rebel Redneck Rock'n'Roll Kinda Show

Dear Lovely Ones,

Today we lost a man whose passion for country music was so big that it will take some time for community radio to recover.  Roger Lloyd was a champion of country music on community radio and also a staunch social justice advocate for those in need.  His fervour for country music extended to attending more live music shows that I can remember to diligently videotaping many of our live performances to upload to his youtube channel: Roger Lloyd. Over 200 edited videos are up there and will live on in the ether forever.  Sadly Roger lost his battle with the big C this morning and has gone to spin discs with the angels and boxercise with the other spirits.

What I remember the most about him was his big grin, his honesty and his joy at playing new music on his Casey FM radio show "Rebels Rednecks Rock'n'Roll.  His legacy will continue and so will his spirit.

Vale Roger, I'll miss your posts and your wit.  Thank you for giving me a great start as a recording artist.  You were there from the beginning....see you on the flip side xxxx

Sunday, 9 July 2017

The Butterfly is Blossoming

Dear Lovely Ones,

It was 6 years ago today that I excitedly experienced my first album launch.  Held at Hardimans Hotel in Kensington, I had a wonderful time with so many gorgeous folk.  Some are still my friends and others I often think of fondly whenever I take an album out or someone requests a song of mine on radio.

This album took a while to become a finished project too.  A labour of love, it took 2 years to be finished.  During that time I learnt much about songwriting, recording and leading a band: all things that were mentored by a fabulous guy and my producer Paul Norton. We worked diligently whenever we could in his studio, and I gained more than I paid for I believe.  I will always be thankful and grateful for the guidance Paul and his gorgeous wife, Wendy Stapleton, gave me.  They are truly generous people who gave me so much and continue to inspire me whenever I find myself with a newly finished song or do a great show.

I had the BEST time that night.  My dad came down to be there with me and I'm so grateful he did.  He loved every minute of it.  I had a great bunch of musicians around me and I also had a surprise visitor who almost knocked me off my high heels.  That was a beautiful moment I will always treasure.  Seeing the smiling face of a man I treasured as a friend and now treasure in my life was the biggest and best surprise of the launch (even though I didn't realise then where I would be now).

Me at my album launch

Today is also the birthday of my favourite twins and a mate from home.  What a fabulous date to have in my life!

Happy sunday everyone xxx

Thursday, 6 July 2017

The NT: Is It The Last Bastion of The Aussie Larrikin?

Dear Lovely Ones,

As I may have mentioned, I'm up in Alice Springs at the moment working to continue raising the funds to complete my forthcoming album.  It's a very isolated and very special part of our country and big world.

Last Saturday night I was privileged to witness an annual event that can only happen here in the NT.  July 1st marks Territory Day and there's a 12 hour window from 0900 to 2100 where people can buy as many fireworks as they can and discharge them willy nilly around the territory.  From what I've been told it's quite a rebellious time of year as people will line up to then see how many of them can discharge fireworks for the following week or so without securing a $1200 fine from the local constabulary.  I'm not sure how the NT police feel about the random firework displays or trying to catch the perpetrators but as a visitor I've delighted in the rebelliousness.  How many of us even think about walking that fine line of larrikinism that still lives up here in the Red Centre??  As crazy and annoying the constant noise was it also made me chortle when I think about the shenanigans we used to WANT to get up to elsewhere.  Are we all becoming soft? Where is our larrikin spirit?  Is the NT the last bastion of shenanigans and larrikinism?  I do hope not.  I loved seeing this as a paper headline......

As daft as it may seem down south, this is a much preferred front page than all the other tragedies that currently happen in all our states and territories when it comes to social justice and community spirit.

People came together during this crazy time of fireworks and were able to let off the steam needed so they could all go back to work on monday and plan how much they were going to save up for next year's firecrackerama.  I would bet there are savings accounts purely to put "cracker money" away each year, and why wouldn't you.  Who doesn't like a good firework display? :)

lots of love 

Susan xx

ps. As I type I can hear a few more crackers going off somewhere in town.  I hope they are having fun :)

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

What Makes a Diamond Day?

Dear Lovely Ones,

I got home today and couldn't help but tune in to the song that was spinning round in my brain.  It's a John Denver classic..."somedays are diamonds, somedays are stones...." It's a good reflection of the times we can't wait to leap out of bed and those days we'd rather stay under the doona.  Today was a diamond day in so many ways and reminds me of the value of life, breath and loving all the moments we have.  Today I felt I achieved something again,and that's one of the things that inspires me to continue.

I also had some good news about more work that will help me fund my forthcoming album.  That's what I like to do, invest in myself and hope that it rubs off around the globe.  I'm really excited about this second album.  Not only am I working with a different team than the first album, but I'm also a better song writer (well I think so).

So, today was a diamond day and I'm hoping tomorrow will bring more challenges and similar achievement.

thanks for reading and I'd love to hear from you about what makes your day a diamond day.


Susan xx