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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

"Look After Each Other...That's What It's All About"

Dear Lovely ones,

We are a long time gone once through the pearly gates and what better way to leave our mark by sending out love to all around us.

Wherever you are in the world, take a moment to look around you and see the love that is coming to you.  Feel it, embrace it, want it, get it.  Leave all the naysayers and simply believe in what makes you happy.

It's been 7 years since the comedy world lost a wonderful man, and very funny comic to cancer.  Prior to that Dave Grant was a gifted and clever comic who poked gentle fun at himself and the world around him in such a warmhearted way that we were all swept along with his joy.  He was a significant influence on who I have become as an entertainer and I treasure, each day, those years I spent sharing a room or a stage with him.

At the end of each set, he would end with

 "Look after each other, brothers and sisters.  That's what it's all about".

Here is a snippet of how great a comic he was

It would be nice to think that we could keep that sentiment going and extend it further each year.  How wonderful would it be if we all looked at the important things like love and prioritised them over the sadder things like hate.  Bringing love in has more health benefits than the alternative.  Love can help us to aspire to achieve things that we never thought we could.  Love will help us to accept the harshness of life and, love will guide us when we need it.

Take a moment today to love yourself and anyone you come into contact with.
Smile at your bus driver, thank your barista, and find a positive thing about a co-worker.  It's all there and ready for you to find it.

the time is now

lots of love from me,

Susan xx

Thursday, 19 January 2017

A Little Rain in Adelaide

Dear Lovely Ones,

It's not often I get to catch a storm coming through with my camera but tonight I was in the right spot to gain some of the fast moving clouds as they came in from the ocean and ran screaming (literally) towards the hills...  Here is the video I put together with a song from my album "Butterfly" called A LITTLE RAIN...

I'm going to sleep now...rain on a tin roof.... just like grandad used to have... aaaah...


Susan xx

My Adelaide Fringe Journey - Poster Drop

Dear Lovely Ones,

It's been a fun journey so far, with lots of help from so many people!  The Adelaide Fringe team have been superb with all their advice and assistance.  I'm so grateful already!!

So here is a little photographic representation of my poster drop journey last week.... enjoy!

the first stop was in the city to the printers to collect my first lot of flyers and posters!  Can't begin to tell you what a joy it was to finally do this!

flyers and posters all ready for me to collect.  Many thanks to  Print Mint for a stirling job done!

Next stop, Fringe Headquarters
Front entrance and box office

Is this the cool car that will be adding my posters to the pillars around town?

Mission accomplished for fringe dropoff

 From there I went back to my venue, Fedoras at the Hilton Mybar Hotel in Hilton to drop off posters and flyers to the management team there... then I couldn't help myself and did a drop at my local coffee place

The Local Coffee and Lunch Bar, Grange rd, Allenby Gardens

you will also find one of my posters in Scootz cafe in Pulteney street, Adelaide city

also in the back part of Queen Street Cafe :)

plus you will find them in at Hawker Street Cafe in Bowden

also at the Welland Plaza Cafe

Town Mode in Welland Plaza

Cafe Primo at Welland

and adorning the outer windows of FB's in Welland too

Even my gorgeous hairdresser has offered to put up a poster!!  Palladeum Hair, Croydon

I'm so grateful to everyone for their support!  It means the world to me and I cannot wait to bring you Butterfly:  When Country Meets City

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Adelaide Fringe Debut Show - Are YOU Ready??

Hi lovely ones,

Yes, it's TRUE!! I will be making my debut at #adlfringe 2017 and I couldn't be more excited!!
Today I collected my posters and fliers from Print Mint and dropped off some to Adelaide Fringe Headquarters for the Pillars around town and then took some to my gorgeous venue, Hilton Mybar Hotel in Hilton.

So, what does my poster look like?  How's this for a poster!!

My show is called Butterfly: When Country Meets City and if you click on the hyperlink over this title you will be taken to a direct link to choose a show and purchase tickets.

What would you like to know?

What is my show about?
My show shares some aspects of my tv addict country life as a child/adolescent and then as a young woman discovering what city people thought about us (versus what I grew up believing about the city).  It's in two 40 minute parts, with a ten minute break in the middle.  That's so people stretch their legs, get more drinks etc and generally get excited about part 2, which focusses on my music career to now.
What time do the doors open?
6:15 pm so you can come in and arrange dinner orders and get settled

Does that mean I can get dinner during the show as well?
Oh yes of course, which is why it's best to book in with Fedora's restaurant to be there by around 
6:30 pm so you can order dinner and get settled

what time does the show start?
7 pm

what time does the show finish?
8:30 pm

How many shows are there and what dates will you be performing?
There will be 3 SHOWS ONLY
Friday 24th February 2017 
Saturday 25th February 2017
Saturday 11th March 2017

Is there parking available?
Yes, there is a hotel carpark plus side streets where you can park.  
Just make sure to check for any parking restriction times

How much are full price tickets?

I am a Bank SA customer; is there a deal for me?
Yes, there are 20 tickets per show where you can purchase online for $10 if you are a Bank SA customer.  Once those are gone it is back to the normal Bank SA customer price 
(which is still discounted)

Are there concession priced tickets?
Yes, I have a concession price.

Is there a family price?  I'd like to bring 2 children with us
Yes, we have a special family price

I have a disability, is there wheechair access into the venue?
yes, our venue is wheelchair friendly

I have a disability and need to have a carer with me, is there a special deal for that?
yes, all carers with companion cards can come in free with your ticket

I am another fringe artist who would like to check out your show.
How much is for me?
All Artist passes will be given free entry, seating subject to availability

If you have a QR code reader in your pocket you can use it to go directly to the link and check out the show.

Anyway, HAPPY BOOKING and I hope to see some of your smiling faces at one of my shows!

lots of love

Susan xx

Many thanks to Danni Nix for a great photo, to Elton Gregory for a wonderful poster design, to Print Mint for a great print job at reasonable prices, and to my Stage Manager and awesome guy, Graham Burkin so many thank yous I will lose count