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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The Independent Music Artist part 1

My heart goes out to anyone who is currently doing a crowd-funding campaign for their next recording project.  It’s a hard slog, especially when you don’t have a great big fat fan base who’ve purchased all your other albums.  If you did have the aforementioned fanbase you would probably have a little more industry backing and maybe one of those elusive recording contracts that the media talks about.

In days gone by, when the majority of artists had recording contracts, everything was done and organised by a group of industry people.  Of course the artist would owe every cent back to the company (which is why some bands and recording artists went bankrupt) but at the same time those industry people knew who to contact and how to get the name of a new and exciting artist out to the general public.

These days there are very few recording contracts and even fewer if you are a country music artist in Australia.  As such every independent music artist does EVERYTHING that a recording company USED to do.  That includes funding every step of the way.  My very own album was paid for from my own pocket.  Then someone came up with the idea of raising money to fund a project and suddenly everyone who can use the web is setting up a project. 

Why are some successful and others not?  It’s a funny old world isn’t it.  Lots of people may say online or at gigs that they love someone’s music but when it comes to opening the wallet before a project is done a lot of people seem to be a little bit reluctant to actively become involved. So, what is the secret to a successful crowd-funding campaign?  When someone works it out, would you please let me know?  Thanks in advance.

So here I am, slowly regaining my savings and quality of eating (no more toasted cheese sandwiches or eggs on toast) and planning my own future projects.  How will I get there?  Not sure yet, but I have some ideas and when it’s time I will share them with the world.  

Until then I have an album which can be purchased digitally  (  or hard copy (by contacting me at or by contacting the lovely people at ELEVATOR MUSIC, SHOP 42 ALDINGA SHOPPING CENTRE, ALDINGA  SA   5173 (phone 08 8557 6221- within Australia)