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Friday, 28 November 2014

The Fragility of Life

As a former trauma radiographer my heart goes out to the family and staff involved in any current critical situations out there.  It’s a heartbreaking job, trying to put people back together after any kind of accident has occurred.  It’s particularly stressful when the person involved has a high profile.  I feel for all who were involved in our beloved sportsman’s case.  I remember from my own experiences the devastation faced when a patient does not make it.  I also recall, vividly, the heartbreak of having to turn off life support to someone you love.  It feels like you are deciding if they will survive or not.  It feels guilty whether it should or should not.  In these situations no side of this type of medicine are left unscathed.  Family, friends and, staff will all be suffering at the moment.  My heart goes out to everyone involved in this.

All the rest of us can do right now is be thankful for our own lives. That’s probably the biggest lesson I’ve taken from working in high pressure medical emergencies.  No matter how fast technology has evolved in the past 20 years, our bodies and physiology have remained static.  We are at the beck and call of Mother Nature.

Sometimes it is fate that decrees, above all else, what will happen to us.  All we can do is rejoice that we've again awakened to experience another day of potential love, happiness and, fulfillment.  I wish joy and happiness to all.  To those in pain right now I hope you will find respite soon.

Susan xx

Friday, 29 August 2014

Musical Bliss - Cat Bird Dog album review

You know those moments when you want to listen to music and regain some of your better self?  I've found it today in some new music I picked up last night.  Local artists, who quipped on stage something akin to if nothing else we might like the artwork, have me riding a happy train right now.  Who are these people you ask?   Sheesh, I really shouldn't tell you.  I should keep this wonderful collection of vibrations to myself but I won't, cos I love to share.

The album is called "Headfirst into The Riddle" and is from the pens and hearts of "Cat Dog Bird".  The essence of this group are Jen Lush and Andy Voigt, two lovely people I met very recently through SCALA FOOM.  The combination of Andy's effortless guitar playing mixes well with the lushness of Jen's voice. When I listen to Jen sing I hear rainbows and I could, probably will, play this album over and over again today.  Andy and Jen are a perfect musical match both on stage and in the studio.  This album gives me just as much at home as they both do live and I can't wait to see a full show from them both.  I'm also hoping that one day I will be on the same bill with Jen and Andy.  How beautiful would that be :)

If you're not doing anything thursday 4th September please come join us at The Jade Monkey, Flinders street, Adelaide.  It's the final of FOOM 2014 LIVE and Cat Dog Bird will be showcasing a song.  Come along anyway, and you may find a new artist or sound that grabs you to the point where you will keep on seeing live music and purchasing local music.

If you can't get there please keep your eyes and ears out for this group both live and on the web.  Grab a copy of the album and know that you are giving yourself a gift that will definitely continue to grow on you.

Ps. I also like the artwork :)

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

School Days

My schooldays were not a joy; not at all. I was one of those kids who really loved learning, tried hard and, ended up doing well academically. Unfortunately it also meant that I got picked on and bullied pretty much all the way through. It began with the day I had to get spectacles and ended the day I walked into College. There was always “something wrong” with me according to others and it didn’t seem to matter that I was hurt by any of it. When I went to college I suddenly met and made friends with so many others who had experienced similar schooldays to me. They became “my type of friend” and since that day most of my friends are.

Now I’m being reminded about all those difficult times because of an invitation to go home for an “informal” reunion next year. I’ve been added to a facebook group which is made up of people I went to school with so I’ve had the chance to see them all again. Seeing some of them reminded me only of the nasty things they said or did, or the things they did behind my back. I thought I’d grown up and moved on but obviously there’s still a smidge of the pain left in me when I see some of the faces that I had to see each day through school.

So, what do I do? Some people say that I should turn up and skite about how great my life has been and about how good I look in comparison to some of them.  That's not my style at all. In many ways I should not even contemplate going as my life is filled with lovely people who I invited into my life.  They are all joyous, happy, quirky people who love me as I am.

So, I do have a choice and I would rather choose NOW and who I’ve become than have to stand there and justify it to people who’ve played no role in my life since I walked out the gates at the end of year 12. On the other hand, it seems a bit funny to think that I’ve perhaps not grown like I believe. If the thought of being in the company of those who I felt mentally tortured by at school is making me feel ill now, what does that mean? Or is it simply my psyche and soul trying to protect me from a past I no longer need to revisit. A history that has been learnt from and a world I no longer belong in.

In many ways some of the things that happened to me at school made me more determined to become someone. It drove me to prove, firstly to them and then to me, that I was highly capable of a successful life. I do believe I have been successful. I’ve achieved a great many things over the years that I’m really proud of. My purpose in life is to help people and I’ve done that in spades, sometimes without realising. Perhaps I could help my old school peeps by just continuing to be the success they thought I’d never be.

Oh and P.S. you know that girl that you all said “couldn’t get a boyfriend”? Well she’s got the most beautiful, genuine, funny, smart, gifted man in her life and she’s very much in love....THE END

Friday, 21 March 2014

Hair is your self-esteem

Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think there is anyone on the planet who doesn't have a strong relationship between their hair and their self-esteem.  No matter who we are or how much or how little we have, hair is a valid part of our happiness. 

I bet there are heaps of people who have had their share of "hair massacres", me included.  It's not hard to imagine then the joy of finding a hairdresser who 
a) understood the above
b) also knew how to cut and style fine hair (my inheritance from dad)
c) taught me how to get the best out of my mop 
d) told the truth and never pushed me into anything and,
e) always put MY needs and wants FIRST.

It was truly the only tragedy about leaving Melbourne that I've had to face.  I'd had the same adorable hairdresser for about 12 years. We'd shared our joys and triumphs and the learning we all do when things go a bit NQR.  She gave great advice and never ONCE forced me to do anything to my hair that I wouldn't be happy with. She will always be the best hairdresser I've had.

Now I find myself, twelve months after I moved, feeling betrayed by a hairdresser over here.  I must admit to being nervous last March.  I felt I was straying into unknown territory until I perchanced on a hairdresser (owner of salon) who seemed to have the same attributes as the dear one I'd left in Melbourne.  She said all the right things "yes, we have Matrix hair colour" (highly recommended by my hairdresser as the brand I should stick with), and "yes, we can fit you in tomorrow".

The first time was great.  I  had the details of the formula to use and she took note and did a great job of colour matching.  I felt like a million bucks!  I had a big grin on my face and couldn't wait to tell everyone I'd found a great hairdresser here.

The second time I ended up with another hairdresser who proceeded to turn my roots an orange/pink colour.  When I queried this the owner of the salon said that I'd wanted it "bright".  Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but "bright" does not mean "light"!  I thought she just meant the colour had become a bit dull and needed a boost with more of the same colour!!!!  She also told me that it was probably the light in the salon that made it look funny and that it would look better when I got home.

Many, many, many tears later my darling man came home and saw the reason for my distress.  It looked like I had a receding hairline and suddenly I felt like I could not go ANYWHERE looking like that!  So now my self-esteem is rock bottom and my darling man could not convince me to go out to dinner.  

Taking him with me the next morning I told the owner she would need to fix it as I was far from happy.  I also made it clear I would not pay a penny more to get it fixed.  She was gracious about it and then proceeded to fix things for me.  I was happy again and decided to give her another chance.

The next time she decided to change the brand of colour and though it was nice it faded to an awful orange.  It looked tacky so I asked her to go back to using MATRIX (the brand I'd wanted in the first place).  Not only that, I found out she did not keep records which meant that the formulas she used were dependent on the day.  I only found this out because she suddenly wasn't there at one of my appointments and I'd been thrown to someone else who did not know me or my hair.

The final straw for this salon owner and my hair was ten days ago.  I bounced in, during my lunchbreak, to make an appointment to get my roots done.  When I mentioned the MATRIX she said that she'd "never used it, and didn't stock it anymore" and it would "be a pain to order in".  This, of course, was AFTER I'd made my appointment.  She also told me I'd need to have an all over dose of colour, even though the rest of my hair still had lustre and great colour.  Something just didn't feel right, but I was too in shock and embarrassed to say anything at the time.

You can imagine how upset I was to think that I'd been lied to and felt rather cheated on behalf of my self-esteem and hair.  Now I was being TOLD what was going to happen without any request or consultation.

By the time I got home that night I decided to do two things.  Firstly, I was going to see where MATRIX colour was used in Adelaide and check them out.  Secondly, I was going to cancel my appointment at the former salon and not go back.

I'm happy to say I think I may have found a new salon.  I'm also happy to say that my hair is very very important to my self-esteem and I will not let any so-called hairdresser browbeat me ever again.

Don't you love a happy ending :)

Thursday, 20 March 2014

The Astor Hotel

When I walked into the Astor that very first time it felt like a pub. Now when I walk in here I feel like I'm home. It's that sort of place really, somewhere you can be yourself and be embraced for your uniqueness.

Another thing that is truly special is the number of original acts who play there. From the talented weekend musos to the booked artists for the weekly open mic there's so many stories and beauty for your ears.  Open mic can be "hit and miss" but not here. I vouch there's not one act who won't have you wishing for more.

So, if you live in Adelaide or visit, make sure you drop in to sup on great music and sumptuous food. The staff are helpful and friendly and so are those who frequent the hotel as "locaks".  Drop in, tell them Susan Lily sent you.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

My Favourite Date

I will confess to loving Autumn.  Just like the contestant, in the movie "Miss Congeniality", who said her perfect date was "April 27"  I love that right now I can sit at a table outside a cafe and comfortably drink my coffee and watch the world go by.   With a beautiful spraying of sunshine and slightly cool breeze it's perfect walking weather too. There's a sense of relaxation in Autumn that I feel more than any other season.  

I also love that it's getting cool enough to wear my lovely boots and jackets again, plus rug up with my man. 

Yeah, Autumn rules!  

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Wine and Whisky comedy Show - Adelaide Fringe 2014

I loved these guys! We had an intimate crowd in the red room, which I later renamed the "Pink Hat".  Off we went, on an adventure of travel, family histories and the thing that brings so many people together (some waaaay to close lol) - alcohol.  In a time when political correctness has "taken over the asylum" this is a refreshingly standout show.  Taken on a history lesson as well a reminiscence of times gone by, we couldn't help but be caught up in their enthusiasm for both entertainment and laughs.  McTavish and Dowdeswell have a gift and they love to share it with us all.  If nothing else go see these two lovable and talented comedians; before they are whisked away....or you might find yourself wining alone.  a trillion stars :)

You'll find these lovable lads at the Austral Hotel, each night... in the bar probably :)


Who's Your Daddy (The funny Side of Parenting) - Adelaide Fringe 2014

I enjoy a good belly laugh, I also like my comedians to be engaging and honest.  Honesty is the funniest policy and that's what you will find at this show.  With a range of special guests from here and interstate the show remains fresh and alive each performance.  You don't have to be a parent even, just a human , to get a few laughs from this event.  Gifted comics committed to providing the best entertainment will continue to herald this family friendly show. I'm planning on seeing it again this week.  Then I'm gonna ring mum and dad and try to remind them how grateful they should be to have me as a daughter ;).  

Adelaide Fringe Festival
Al Amir restaurant, upstairs on the corner of Frome and Rundle streets - check out fringe guide for times

Friday, 7 March 2014

Sunset Blush Citylimits - Adelaide Fringe 2014

On a rooftop entertaining area last night I was just that: entertained.  The self-confessed lover of all that is purple, Sunset Blush, has brought his show "Sunset Blush Citylimits" to the Astor Hotel.  He took us on a personal journey of life and love, served up with a healthy dose of self-deprecating humour.  A rather witty and engaging performer, Blush served up his own brand of musical show to a thrilled audience.   Quick quips interspersed his original songs that added a quality to his show that you sometimes miss out on when the artist doesn't understand how important it is to engage with the audience.  So, if you're looking for a new experience, please get along to see Sunset Blush!

Sunset Blush
10 pm rooftop Astor Hotel
Friday 7th and Saturday 8th March

Monday, 3 March 2014

Sometimes we need to say "Yes"

Here I am, one year on from the day I arrived in my new city and state. On this day last year I'd finally arrived after a gruelling weekend of final cleaning and finding new homes for my furniture. Up to that point I'd not really taken in the enormity of what I was about to pursue. New state, new city, new man, new home were all awaiting me. Now I've made it to one year in my new home with my new man and I couldn't be happier. He took a chance on me and for that I'm really grateful. Sometimes we need to let ourselves be rescued so we can give ourselves another chance. Sometimes we simply need to say "yes".

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Perception and Uniqueness

Perception is so very unique, much like ourselves. We take pride in being unique and hope our view on things is at least understood if not praised. When opinion is derided or dismissed it can bruise an otherwise happy and healthy ego. If it occurs often enough with little recovery time our mind and ego may begin to feel as though we are wrong about all things in our life and that our opinion is useless or wrong. Take heart, dear gang. We all have our own opinions and all of them are valid and real to those who express them. It’s hard sometimes to hold onto the good feelings about ourselves and yet achievable. If you have to, write them down, stick them on your fridge so you can see the good in you every day. We all achieve great things every day. Sometimes we simply need to look a little closer at ourselves so we can rejoice in our uniqueness.

Monday, 17 February 2014

The Art of Service - Part Two

If you've read my last post you will realise it's a bit of a rant.  I'd like to redress that by also mentioning a person and place where I've had great service.

The first honourable mention goes to the lovely lady called Wendy who looks after the self-serve points in Woolies. I was a total failure when I began using the system and with her subtle and gentle guidance I've become a super-user.  Not only that, I see her every-so-often and she remembers me.  I reckon she remembers everyone.  I have often wandered past to see her giving the same gentle assistance to another befudlled customer.  Wendy treats everyone with dignity and respect and you can't help but want to hug her for all that she is and does.

This lady understands what service is about and actually enjoys helping people.  Wendy is the epitome of good service.  I often tell her how happy I am to come to a shop where I get a smile and great service.  She returns that with all the humility a genuinely good person does, with a hint of blush every now and again.

I like going to the supermarket now, and it's down to Wendy's care and great service that I do.  I hope one day that others will take notice and emulate her.  Until then I will enjoy dropping in to "pick up a few things for dinner".

The Art of Service

When you work in the service industry the first and foremost thought that ought to be in your mind is to "serve".  Not stand there chatting with people you know, whilst customers you don't have their food or pot of tea slapped down on the table in front of them. Not so much as a "there you are" or "here's your tea" as you rushed off to greet someone you obviously are on hugging terms with.

I realise the young are sometimes forgetful and that their older supervisors fail to lead them to the right path but bad service is simply that: bad.

So, here's some advice from one who's worked in a service industry for decades.  When you work in a service industry treat everyone as though they were the most important person in your life.  When you do that everyone is happy.