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Saturday, 15 September 2018

Is Man's Best Friend the True Key to Everything?

Dear Lovely ones,

It suddenly occurred to me this morning how much positive power our canine furbabies have in this world.  I've always loved and admired my friend's dogs and those I met on the street.  I've followed the lives of various friend's pooches on social media and in the 3D world and remember fondly how much my dogs meant to me when I was a lonely adolescent in outback NSW.  Actually having my own furkid now and sharing our exploits on social media it's apparent to me that these furry friends are possibly a bigger key to world happiness than ever before.

Why am I saying this?  On instagram my followers have grown so much since I began posting images and videos of Molly.  I'm meeting people from across the world who share in my love of my dog by sharing themselves and their babies.  On Facebook and twitter they have become the most commented posts, and when I see a mate's photo with them and their furbaby I can't help but feel so much happier.  What I am seeing here is a widespread love of all things doggy.  

Then there are the "feelgood" stories and videos that so many people share about dogs.  The dog performing CPR, the ones that are taken into nursing homes to visit the elderly, and the ones who rescue a  human child in their "pack" family from adversity.  We've all seen this but have we really LOOKED and taken in what we are seeing??

I'd love to see if we could harness this love we have for the canine and find a similar joy in the human world.  Our furkids love us for many reasons.  They feel protected and nurtured in a pack situation.  They are fed and cared for by us.  We give them shelter and quality time.  These are all things we can do in our human world as well.  It takes a shift in mindset to accomplish but I'm sure that if we took a chance our world might slowly share more joy than sorrow.

This is Molly.  She is our furbaby.  She's naughty, cheeky and I'm so in love with her and the joy she brings into my life.  No matter what happens, she makes my day that much brighter and I feel I can face the world with a much stronger foundation.  I know when I come home she is happy to see me.  I can be in a bad mood and all she wants to do is comfort me.  We spent quality time together and I get to watch her grow into an adult.  

this is Molly the night she arrived at our place...10 weeks old 

Molly at 12 weeks of age. Such a cutey
this is Molly now.  Quite the "lady" 
Even when she's destroying things it's ok. 
We've actually found things that we are happy for her to "rearrange"
Having a furbaby in our family is always entertaining!

This photo needs no caption lol......

Wouldn't it be great if our attitude to dogs and what they give us is all that is needed to give us a bit more world peace?  Yeah, you could say this is a simplistic attitude and you would be right.  However, if a simple thing like spending time with a canine actually helped you to destress and recharge wouldn't you want that in your life?  Are you a nicer person to those around you as a result of this?  If seeing a positive video about a dog made you feel all warm and fuzzy, couldn't you use this to do something nice for a human in your life?  A dog gives and gives until its last breath.   In return we cuddle, play, feed, give shelter and love them back with all our hearts.   If we gave to humans wouldn't it come back to us in spades eventually too?  They say that "paying it forward" is the way to live your live if you want to be happy.  I think dogs do this in spades.  I also feel they are the key to eternal happiness if we let it in.

Lots of Love

Susan xx