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Friday, 28 November 2014

The Fragility of Life

As a former trauma radiographer my heart goes out to the family and staff involved in any current critical situations out there.  It’s a heartbreaking job, trying to put people back together after any kind of accident has occurred.  It’s particularly stressful when the person involved has a high profile.  I feel for all who were involved in our beloved sportsman’s case.  I remember from my own experiences the devastation faced when a patient does not make it.  I also recall, vividly, the heartbreak of having to turn off life support to someone you love.  It feels like you are deciding if they will survive or not.  It feels guilty whether it should or should not.  In these situations no side of this type of medicine are left unscathed.  Family, friends and, staff will all be suffering at the moment.  My heart goes out to everyone involved in this.

All the rest of us can do right now is be thankful for our own lives. That’s probably the biggest lesson I’ve taken from working in high pressure medical emergencies.  No matter how fast technology has evolved in the past 20 years, our bodies and physiology have remained static.  We are at the beck and call of Mother Nature.

Sometimes it is fate that decrees, above all else, what will happen to us.  All we can do is rejoice that we've again awakened to experience another day of potential love, happiness and, fulfillment.  I wish joy and happiness to all.  To those in pain right now I hope you will find respite soon.

Susan xx