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Monday, 20 March 2017

When Life Is...

Dear Lovely Ones,
I've had a bit of time to ponder about some recent events; how I've felt, grown and, dealt with them.  The statement “Life is as hard as you make it” comes to mind.  Not a bad one and one that each of us will view differently depending on what is happening in our lives.  Some will say it is a challenge to us and continue to strive for happiness and others will simply succumb to the literality of the words and feel that things aren’t worth doing or pursuing. 

So, where do I see myself in this?  I’m somewhere in the upper middle third towards feeling grateful each day and continuing to forge ahead with my dreams.  Yes, sometimes they feel somewhat crushed by things I cannot control and yet they also bounce back.  Sometimes the bounce back feels greater than the fall as I gain a new appreciation of how far I have come since I began consciously acknowledging my path. 

I like to think that new experiences for me will be positive ones, not perfect though, just positive.  My recent foray into a new arena has had its issues and perceived setbacks.  What I mean by “perceived setbacks” are those things that we feel are important to succeed in: yet turn out to be insignificant to our personal journey. It becomes that we must do these things in order to get to where we perceive we ought to be.  For instance, with marketing there are a series of things that people want to do during eg a festival.  Though there are standard methods of marketing, who’s to say that everyone is going to make their own choice via the mass marketing methods?  A major percentage of the people who came to see my Fringe Show only knew me from the guide, my appearances on the unfold fringe stage, social media campaign or the small handful of flyers and posters I distributed.  In that regard I’ve learnt much about what I need to do next year and what people notice more than not.

I feel that people choose something because it resonates with a part of their life and self.  Marketing will succeed when there is a genuine gift to those who participate.  That is the best lesson I’ve had in the past few months.  The other one is to refrain from being caught up in other’s negative experiences and opinions.  After all, we all see the world uniquely and thus the world will do the same to us if we give them the chance to see our unique and genuine self.  That is the best part of what I’ve gained from this new adventure into the world of festivals.

I’m looking forward to seeing what unfolds in coming months.  Thank you universe for teaching me to trust and to keep going.  Life can be easy when you know how to stop it feeling hard.

lots of love to you all

Susan xx

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

It's A Start! - Recording Day 1

Dear Lovely Ones,

Today, Wednesday 15th March 2017, marks the beginning of a new release from me.  Yes, I've begun to record my 2nd album and I'm really excited.  I've read that artists have oft been jittery with a second release but I feel I had that with the EP, so this will be my 3rd release in reality.  It's been 5 1/2 years since Butterfly was released and I've been told it's "high time" for me to be doing new stuff. Like a lot of artists this has become a financial rather than artistic decision: waiting for a time when funds would be around to assist with the process.  Luckily I have some funding up my sleeve and the temerity to earn the rest.  I'm very happy with my song choices, some old and some new.  It's a start and I'm on my way to a new set of recorded music for the masses.  Yippee!


Susan xx

Monday, 13 March 2017

Did I Mention I Write?

Hi Lovely Ones,

Over the years I've written much for my standup, my songs and also short stories and poems for just me.  I did have a dream to be able to write for someone or something but quashed it for many years just like I did my music and comedy.  Well, recently I was given the opportunity to develop a piece for a local Adelaide Music Magazine and I'm very proud to say that I'm happy with what I created.  To be fair, my subjects were very easy to gain the right vibe and info from.  However, it's a wonderful feeling to see your own word composition published professionally.  

So, where is this first gem?  It's right here:  BSide Magazine Issue #82 on the issuu website.  It's your very own #magazineinyourpocket and can be downloaded to any device for perusal during the 2 week period.  There are links to all the shows and venues advertising and for bands, the advertising is affordable.

Here is my article :)

Here again is the link: BSide Mag Susan's Article Pag 18

Happy reading and please let me know what you think


susan xx

We Did It! #ADLfringe 2017

Dear Lovely Ones,

I've just completed my debut at the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2017 and I am so overwhelmed with the love received from those close to me and also to people who took a chance and booked tickets to my show without knowing me at all.  To say I feel blessed is an understatement indeed, for this has become another great step in my life and my career as an entertainer.

I took a chance meeting last August to accept the offer of a venue to support me doing a show and then let my imagination run away with me as to the possibilities that could be brought to life.  At first I was hesitant to delve back into my comedic roots, however I am so glad I did.  Not only did I revisit a part of my life that I'd longed to do, I'd surpassed my own expectations as to performing as a story teller and standup comic.

They say that the truth of your own life will resonate with others and by sharing real stories a new and fresh bond can be woven with both old and new friends.  That seemed to be the case with my show.  It was raw and real and my own take on the world as a child in outback NSW.  It felt so natural to revisit a comedy character and then to be interacting with her in front of an audience felt like the most normal thing in the world to me.  I remember during the first show how scared I was that I would fail somehow and stuff up.  A mate of mine and I had been talking a week earlier about a man who had made a big impact on our comedic lives.  This man has been sadly gone from earth for 7 years now, but we still feel his presence every so often.  Well, that night, in the midst of my internal dilemma he "came to me".  His name popped into my head suddenly and, as I looked out into the crowd, I felt he was saying something like "it's alright, you're doing great.  This is you".  A fleeting moment yet poignant.  From that moment onwards I've simply gotten up and done the show.  No fuss, no more than normal nerves, as I traversed through my script.

I'm so glad I took a chance on me: so glad I did more than just my music.  I feel very much alive and like I am really here again.  I've not felt that for a long time.  It's brilliant to be honest.  The funnest thing is that some of my Adelaide friends have learnt a little bit more about me in the process. It's been a win-win situation and I couldn't be happier.

The show would be nothing without my support team though.  The following people made this event a beautiful success:

I have much to thank my darling man Graham Burkin who helped with set design and provided a great sound and lighting rig as well.  His business, AMPit has been developed to provide local and interstate bands live production facilities.  On top of that he is also an awesome bass player and quite the comic in his own right.

Many thanks to Elisa Franzon and the team at the Hilton Hotel in Hilton.  Fedora's restaurant was the perfect setting to have the show in.  We had table service throughout the show, making things easier for patrons to simply sit and enjoy the experience.

Lovely to have John de Michele working with us on sound engineer duties.  Amongst his many talents that are musical, he is a great sound engineer and also a wonderful human being.  Very loyal and genuine, it was a pleasure to work with him on this project.

To my gorgeous friend and "sister from another mister" Carol Hancock a big thank you!  Another of my happy accidents in life has been meeting and getting to know Carol.  A beautiful soul with a wonderful heart.  I can't thank her enough for all the support she gave me during the show.  The role of box office/merchandise is a vital part of any team.

Thank you also to Elton Gregory for designing a beautiful poster for me.

Thank you to the many shopkeepers and cafe owners who allowed me to put my posters up in their windows.  

Many thanks also to the Adelaide Fringe Festival Headquarters team for all their help, support and advice.  It's been a fabulous journey of discovery and learning.

Thank you to Print Mint for giving me great posters and flyers in a timely manner.

I'd also like to thank Anthony Sims and Jim Manning from WOW FM, along with Steve McNally from Coast FM, and Lisa Harper-Campbell from Radio Adelaide for their interviews.

Before I finish I'd like to share with you the opening sequences from the show: the naughty Loretta one and then the one I did dedicated to my late Grandfather, Ronald Waring.  Thanks pop for giving me the genes that lead me to comedy and music.  I'm so glad you passed them on.

This is the real intro:

Have a great week everyone and thanks again to those who either help me make the show or who attended.  Bless you all.


Susan xx

Friday, 10 March 2017


"...Now it really is my time, and I'm gonna take what's mine, what I can find... butterfly"

sometimes we must make difficult choices, ones that are true to us and may not be understood by those around you.  Sometimes it's important to put yourself first and focus on what is important and needed by your own ego.  Sometimes it's important to simply close the door and leave it shut until you feel like opening it again.  Yeah, sometimes it's good to walk your own path and reap the joy of your own vision.  Sometimes we have to spread our wings and fly to wear we are meant to be.  It's time to be that Butterfly!

Happy friday everyone!

Monday, 6 March 2017

Latitude and Longitude

Dear Lovely ones,

I saw this image on twitter just now and feel compelled to weave my own experiences into it.  Quite simply it reads...

Would you agree with me?  How many of you have made changes to your life because you 
a. wanted to
b. could do and
c. felt driven to

My story began in a little outback town and I had dreams to change it from the age of 14.  My first was to strive to become the best Radiographer (Medical Imaging Technologist) and I did that.  I was given the opportunity to share some of my knowledge, which I took.  That changed my life.  I grew tired of the city I was in and so changed my latitude and longitude.  I wanted to try being a standup comic and found places I could hone my craft.  Then I discovered that people liked my singing voice and somehow I have ended up on a path that I always wanted to, but never thought I could.

We ARE the authors of our lives.  Change can and does happen, some of it by us and some by the universe.  I'm not saying that to change your story is easy, heck no.  Is it worth it?  Absolutely!  I wouldn't be doing my first Adelaide Fringe Show if change wasn't worth it.  I wouldn't be changing if I didn't think I was worth it.  We are all worthy of lives we direct and star in.  Go and get your staring role today


Susan xx