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Monday, 27 February 2017

Thank You Adelaide! Butterfly: When Country Meets City OPENS!

Hi Lovely ones,

On Friday 24th and Saturday 25th February I performed my very first Adelaide Fringe show "Butterfly: When Country Meets City" at Fedora's Restaurant in the Hilton Hotel on South Road.  What a brilliant two nights we had, with warm lovely crowds who lifted my spirits as much as I hoped I would lift theirs.

As a child I dreamt of being a sought after singer and entertainer and, inspired by the memory of my Pop I am now doing what I truly love.  My show is a mix of comedy and music, taking me back to the heady days of being a standup comic.  After an 11 year break from standup it's felt great to weave my personal story into a show that gives joy and laughter to my audiences.

So, if you are wondering what to see during the Adelaide Fringe then take a chance and come and see mine.  We have something for everyone: music, comedy, food, table service, great hotel.

I have one more show on 11th March and the tickets are moving already.  To book your tickets please go to the #adlfringe website or click on the link in the title above.  I'm so overjoyed to be opening myself to new experiences and taking my darling audiences on a wonderful journey of discovery.  I can't thank people enough for coming along.

lots of love 

Susan xx

Friday, 3 February 2017

Butterfly: When Country Meets City promo video

Oh dear everyone,

I think I've been hacked!  I started to make a video last night and suddenly its finished and up on  my youtube channel and it seems that a certain "someone" has figured out where I am now.  Apparently they got someone to follow their sob story about being left behind and now they are here.... lol.... enjoy the chaos and if you would like more then grab tickets to the show!

cheers everyone!