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Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Mantra Studio Kitchen and Bar - 14.10.18

Dear Lovely Ones,

If you ever find yourself in Yarraville, Victoria, please drop into 10a Campbell street.  You will understand more what a beautiful place Mantra is before you even walk through the doors.

the magic continues when you do enter.  Greeted by fabulous staff and a great environment, you cannot help but feel instantly at home.  They have catered for children in a way I've not seen before and so it's a real family affair each time you turn around.

I was lucky enough to book in and play an afternoon on 14th October, 2018.
One of the best parts was seeing the lovely faces of friends I used to hang out with when I lived in Melbourne.  It was a reunion and a great afternoon of music with banter in between that gave us all a giggle and a guffaw.  I made a few new fans as well with random guests who arrived and then stayed to hear my tales of life.

The place is run and owned by two fabulous individuals who also make up the duo The Long and The Short of It.  Patsy and David are the most generous hosts who will often be found mucking in with their crew to ensure that customers are serviced and the staff feel supported.

As an artist I felt very loved, looked after and appreciated.  I wish there were more placed like Mantra Studio Kitchen and Bar, and I'm very glad we at least have one venue like this.

It's a special place run by equally special people.
Have yourself a merry little party in either upstairs or in their private room.
Go see live music that is free on a sunday!
Support a local business that puts PEOPLE first!!

Can't thank Patsy and David enough for giving me a most gorgeous space to sing my tunes and entertain my friends.

love Susan xx

PS.  look at these desserts!!!!

PPS.  they even had lillies in the vase....was it just for me??? ;)