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Friday, 26 February 2016

Patient Vulnerability vs social media (an opinion)

Dear Lovely Ones,

I'm not sure if it's because I've worked in the health industry or if it's just that I find it degrading and disrespectful to see photos of anyone in a vulnerable health scenario posted on social media.  It's becoming more and more accepted though and I find that a little disturbing as well.  I do understand that some people post photos of themselves on social media so as to feel not so isolated and lonely when they are in hospital.  That is one of the sad parts about being ill or injured and stuck in a hospital bed.  It's busy, noisy and quite often people are left bewildered as to what is happening to them and who really cares.

I also feel that when one does enter a hospital as a patient their dignity is forcibly removed and stuck on an invisible rack at the entrance.  This doesn't return to them until they are back home.

So please, think twice before going down this road. Perhaps leave taking a photo of a patient in a hospital until they at least are on the mend or actually give their permission for you to spread their vulnerable image across the world for eternity (or for as long as the internet exists).  I'd also like to ask people to take a moment and try and imagine how you would feel in the same scenario as your friend or family member. How would you feel if your vulnerability was highlighted forever on social media?


Susan xx

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Ladies Advice for Ladies - Adelaide Fringe Show 2016

Hi lovely ones,

It’s not often I can say I saw a show that surprised and delighted me from start to finish.  A chance encounter with the stars of “Ladies Advice for Ladies” in Rundle Mall lead me to attend their opening night at the IBIS Hotel (Grenfell street) and then to make my way to Eureka Tavern (Salisbury) again on the weekend.

They deliver ladies etiquette with great sincerity, wit and the aplomb of seasoned performers.  I truly loved every surprise we encountered through the show.  All done very “lady like” and shared with a genuine love of their audience, whom they engaged with regularly.

I can say, without favour, I really enjoyed every moment of this experience.  I got to belly laugh enough to feel I’d had a workout.  I also felt rather alive, like I’d been hypnotised for the hour into another world.  I had so much energy after the show I could have pushed my car home.

I believe we have it good here in Adelaide and the fringe is about showcasing one’s entertainment skills to the max.  The finesse of Tessa and Marianne, along with their energy, swept us away from the daily drearies of life.

So, if you’re not sure who to go see this fringe, just make sure you see the season of CafĂ© O’Lait Cabaret before they go home.  You will love every minute!

Tickets for their shows are via Adelaide Fringe website (click on this link)


Susan xx

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Spectrum Radio - UK - thank you!

It will be a year, in late March, that I released my single "Here On The Road".  With a brilliant video produced by a local film company, it rose to #1 in the TYGA FM Top 20 and a healthy #12 in the national Country Tracks Top 40 chart.

I sent it a while back to a lovely man in the UK, Micky Spectrum, who runs Spectrum Radio.  I also sent "Daisy Jane" which had a lovely 12 week run in the chart before being swapped with "Here On the Road".

In a mere 3 or 4 weeks it is now sitting at #2 and I'm so very happy and grateful to everyone who voted for it.  That's how it rose to this position; votes by listeners.   

How gorgeous to be NUMBER 2 .... AND, have my photo on the side of this chart!!!.

Now is the time to drop over to the voting section and place your selections (I think daily maybe) and have a listen to some of the others... like my dear sista from another mista.. Michelle Walker... she's got a song on the hotlist called Liar Liar... go have a listen.

Anyway, this delighted gal is off to a gig now... happy saturday!!


Susan xx