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Thursday, 17 January 2019

Adelaide's Lily Is About to Bloom!!

Dear Lovely ones,

To say I'm a proud South Aussie is an understatement.  Ever since I moved over the border, so much has changed for the better for me. This Podcast I'm sending you to, and its creator Steve Davis, helped me to settle in to my new life here in Adelaide. There have been so many musical possibilities since then, including the recording and releasing of my song about Port Adelaide, TOUGH AS GERANIUM, which is included in this week's podcast.  I'd love if you would drop by the link below and have a listen, and then make The Adelaide Show your number 1 podcast where ever you ar
Artwork for single cover - Tough As Geranium by Susan Lily

The song can be heard and purchased online at
iTunes or Bandcamp

I find out next tuesday night if I am an award winner in Tamworth (it would be my first Tamworth award) and will scream from the rooftops if I do. Have a great day all and thanks for your support xx

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